Two time General

Why don’t you fucking sorry excuse of Americans leave this country, this country was built on Christianity and this is gods country so just leave especially you Weinstein you Jew piece of shit!!!

(name withheld)



Dear (name withheld),

I am writing in response to your May 18, 2015 email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (“MRFF”).  You clearly do not understand, nor have made any attempt to understand, either the mission of MRFF or the principle of religious freedom in this country.  You also appear to have no understanding of grammar, punctuation, or decency, but I will do my best to respond to your hateful accusations.


MRFF is devoted to protecting the religious freedom of all soldiers, sailors, Marines, cadets, and veterans.  It has assisted thousands of service members who have suffered religious discrimination or persecution at the hands of their superiors.  I cannot fathom how these people, who work tirelessly to protect the Constitutional rights of the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our rights, could be considered a “sorry excuse of Americans.”  Indeed, they are exemplary Americans.


Additionally, this country was not built on Christianity.  While you may be interested to learn that over 95% of MRFF clients are Christians, the First Amendment grants all U.S. citizens the right to practice any religion, or no religion at all.  I am tempted to explain the history of how and why this right was included, but I doubt you would understand it since it requires the use of numerous complex terms, such as “democratic, “proselytizing, and “respect.”  However, there may be a Schoolhouse Rock! episode or some other cartoon explaining the subject, if you are inclined to learn more.


Although you plainly believe yourself to be a Christian, there is nothing Christian about your email.  Regardless of whether you choose to become more informed regarding the Constitution or MRFF, I sincerely suggest that you refresh your memory about the true message of Christianity before spreading any further hate.


Blessed be,


Tobanna Barker

MRFF Volunteer


Dear (name withheld),

I have to ask, as a Christian myself — do you worship God with that mouth?  Because as a lifelong, active, committed disciple of Christ, I don’t know any fellow Christians who would make such a profane and bigoted statement.
As for leaving the country — that is no way to treat folks such as myself and the many current and former military members, including combat veterans, who support the efforts of the MRFF.  To act like this county belongs to you is the height of arrogance.
And about this country — no, it’s not built on Christianity and no, it’s not “gods [sic] country.”  Rather, we are a pluralistic nation of many diverse beliefs (including non-belief).  There must be room for all of those beliefs, or the vision of American freedom and liberty is a sham.
Just some thoughts to consider, although my guess is that you probably won’t bother…. so I’ll leave you to your hate and bigotry.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter

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