Dear Mikey Weinstein,

I can not thank you enough for all that you do.

Recently my son had an issue with his senior NCO while deployed to (Combat Zone Withheld).  I found out about this issue from his fiancé.   She told me how his senior NCO had told his unit that he was going to kill them all if he got another complaint about their lack of professionalism.  This Senior NCO, then pointed to my son who is Jewish, and said not you, you we will plaster you with yellow stars, torture you, and throw you in a gas chamber to die.

Needless to say I was horrified to hear this.  Having just completed working 10 hours on a midnight shift, I immediately shifted into Mother Bear mode.  I called and stopped at Senator (Senator’s Name Withheld) office in (City and State Withheld).  There I was told the staffer who dealt with Military Issues would get a hold of me.  Let me just say that it took over 24 hours for this staffer to contact me.   I also have connections with this Senator since her son in law works where I do, and this son in law’s father was one of my KC-135A pilots when I was a KC-135A Crew Chief at (AFB Withheld).  I also see this Senator quite often since I am the Legislative person for my Union, (Name of Union Withheld), and we are dealing with Congress trying to privatize the (Name of Legislation Withheld).  My point to all of this is I have a relationship with my Senator and her staff.  This is how quick it has taken them to respond.  I would hate to think how long it would have taken if I did not have this relationship with them.

Once I got home I remembered the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  I immediately emailed you.  In less than 10 minutes not only had you replied to my email but you and I were on the phone to each other.  You immediately jumped into action.  I have never experienced such a fantastic, and quick response from anyone.   In less than 24 hours not only was the problem addressed but was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.  I do know if I had waited and gone through my Senator’s office it would have taken days or weeks instead of hours to have a resolution.  I have never seen anyone nor an organization jump into action as quickly and effectively has you do.

Thank you for everything you do!  With out you my son might have faced repercussions for reporting his superior NCO for anti-Semitism.   Instead all parties have been educated and I’m positive this will not happen again.

I do not know what I would have done with out you!   You perform an important service for our Men and Women in Uniform.

I know now I can sleep knowing that there are people like you in the World who are there to protect our kids from misdirected religious individuals.

Thank You for Everything!!

(Name Withheld)

I want to thank Mikey and every one at the MRFF for assisting me. I had not even heard of this foundation until Mikey reached out to me in my time of need going above and beyond by staying up late and working with me with a massive (Time Zone Difference Withheld). This dedication helped ensure that my incident was quickly resolved and that I had a support I could count on and assist me with my incident. The incident transpired during a meeting of the Enlisted talking about how we are only days from going back to the states and that we needed to keep our professional edge. As well of how he was tired of getting chewed out for small courtesies not being done for the SGM. That if it happened again he would “kill every one except for me… me he would torture with yellow stars and gas chambers.” I had felt targeted not only on this occasion but had felt personally targeted by this man in the past. My first line leader being the next in command gave a big old belly laugh instead of correcting this behavior. Making me feeling like more of an outcast i went home that night talking to my fiancee who thankfully told my mother. To which my mother brought in Mikey and he assisted me in making this matter get properly handled. Mikey and every one at MRFF took very good care of my needs and in less then 24 hours after he was informed the incident was resolved.

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