THE BLAZE – ‘We’ll Go to War Over That!’: Military Activist Who Called for the Firing of Vocal Anti-Gay Marriage Chaplains Faces Off With Christian Leader

A military activist who called for the removal of  “all homophobic military chaplains” from the U.S. armed forces faced-off this week against a former chaplain who runs an organization that defends religious liberty during a heated episode of The Church Boys podcast…

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  1. jimbo

    I’ve said this here before, there are two gods, one that enables ‘good’ Christians to help mankind, the other that demands adherents convert others to the glory of that god. I call the adherents ‘christianists’. You heard clearly said by the christianist side they are demanded to convert. There’s no way around it. Their god demands that our Constitution is inferior to that god, and that they do lie, hate murder and war in the service of that god. As they are demanded, because that is the only path to conversion, at least in the short term. So it is apparently for religions that demand adherents convert others they lie, they hate, they murder, they war, what ever is necessary to convert, or impose and convert. They don’t care about people they have only one end in mind, convert all, as they are demanded. All this is clear in what was said by the christianists. What is to me absolutely remarkable was how Mikey forced the truth out of those whom he was in discussion. They said it, use it.

  2. jimbo

    Great work, Mikey.

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