MARINE CORPS TIMES – Religious sign on Marine Corps Base Hawaii draws fire

A religiously themed sign on Marine Corps Base Hawaii has come under fire from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and its founder and president, Mikey Weinstein.

Click to read at Marine Corps Times

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Good grief Mikey, why can’t you leave well enough alone, it has been up since 2001 and now you are getting your panties in a twist, maybe you should switch to wearing thongs, that way they won’t twist as much for you!

    What harm is that sign doing anyway? If atheists get made, who cares, they are the minority in this country anyway, and why would they get upset anyway since they don’t believe God exists anyway, but oh are they in for a big surprise one day

  2. G

    “Weinstein claimed they were unwilling to lodge complaints through their chain of command for fear of reprisal.”

    Does that answer your question Yeshua Warrior why it took so long to come to MRFF’s attention? I also bet you that many of those Marines never knew that MRFF even existed until they came across it on the internet or word of mouth.

    Why are your panties and/or thongs getting twisted over a sign? All Mr. Weinstein wanted to do was to move the sign to a more appropriate location.

    In Europe, the atheists are the majority in that continent and one day, you Yeshua Warrior are going to have a big surprise that you will not like..

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear G,

    Actually, one day I will have a great surprise as I will get to see the God of the Universe and His Son face to face finally whom by His grace I get to have a personal relationship with right now and worship Him for all eternity!

  4. BJ McCormick

    That’s all you liberal bastards have to worry about….a freakin’ sign……Jesus H. Christ…..Are you the military part of the ACLU? Those liberal bastards!!!! So much to be thankful for from our military and you are worrying about a sign……which has been there for many years. Go put all this nonsense effort into taking care of our veterans…..and quit messing with a sign……

    Barbara McCormick

  5. Connie

    This is a no brainer – move the freaking sign over by the chapel.

    Oh – this isn’t easy? Well, instead of God Bless Our Troops would any of you be fussy about MRFF’s involvement if it said Thor, Odin, Hecate, Satan, or Allah Bless Our Troops?

    Your hypocrisy is showing. Might want to fix that.

    Regarding underwear – try wearing a thong before talking about getting them twisted. Just saying. And yes, I can be considered liberal but my parents were married at my birth, therefore the pejorative bastard is incorrect.

    I’m not worried about the sign, I worry about the commentators attitudes who believe their religion is somehow special and worthy of rights that are not to be shared with anyone outside their dogmatic clique. I declare Horse Poop and say each of you should know better. Learn to share this USA – we ALL have the right to worship or not as we choose. This is not the Animal Farm, you are not pigs, and you are not more equal than anyone else.

  6. G

    Yeshua Warrior:

    Don’t be surprise if you get send to Hell for all the religious intolerance that your kind have been doing on the Earth. BTW has the Lord personally contact you and has given you a status on how your relationship is going with him?

    Ms. McCormick:

    This country has been screw for the last 35 years thanks your extreme right wing conservatives including frantic evangelists Christians on the political, social, and economic fronts. Now the Americans who use to support the Republican Party and their Tea Baggers are finally waking up; although, I have to say that it was 35 years too late.

    What’s there to be thankful for the military? They have not protect labor unions, have not prevent our manufacturing jobs from going overseas, they have not protect us from street gangs, organized crime, and white collar corporate crimes by Wall Street and Corporate America. They also work with the police to spy on individuals and organizations that are trying to bring about political, social, and economic changes that will benefit American society as a whole. Funny how military people who are by and large are conservatives who want affordable or free medical care, education and job opportunities, plus having a pension feel that the rest of the American populations are not entitled to those things as well. If the American public can’t get those things, then neither should the military since many military people are so anti-government on things like education, pensions, health care, etc, yet they themselves are members of the government and want those things..

  7. G

    The military has not protect us from police brutality and corruption either.

  8. G

    “Go put all this nonsense effort into taking care of our veterans……”

    What a joke. For the 35 years years, our presidents mostly Republican ones have been cutting back on taking care of the troops when you look at the VA scandal, the Gulf War syndrome scandal,and the Walter Reed hospital scandal. We also need to put more effort into taking care of our American population not just the military people.

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