Weinstein is a Screaming Squirrel

Good Morning:

Please tell Mike Weinstein that the Marines neither need nor requested his grandstanding media op in Hawaii.  Pseudo-intellectuals and the morally corrupt
hold a very special place in my heart.

You may tell him for me that I said, Fuck you very much.  Pass that on to every other atheistic gasbag who thinks they know what true liberty and good science
is all about.

Many Thanks!

(name withheld)


Hi (name withheld) –

Mikey Weinstein has shared your email with me, and I’d like to take a moment to respond. First, thank you for your service. I’m a veteran, too — USAF 1985-1990 — following my graduation from the USAF Academy.
I’m also a lifelong, committed, and active Christian, which I think is important to mention because it appears you wrongly assume that the efforts of the MRFF are only supported by atheists.  That is far from the case. In fact, the majority of both supporters and clients of the MRFF are people of faith who are happy to join together with people of many beliefs, including non-belief, in support of the efforts of the organization.
I’m not clear from your note just what you consider to be “true liberty”.  For me, it’s a simple calculus. It is ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom to which they and all Americans are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.  This is a direct quote from the mission statement of the MRFF, and it aptly describes the entirety of our focus and effort. We are not ‘anti’ anything; not anti-religion, and certainly not anti-Christian.  Rather, we are pro-Constitution, which is a position that all current and former members of the US military should understand and appreciate.
With regard to the sign at MCB Hawaii…. it may be well-intended.  It may reflect the religious perspective of many, even most, of the personnel on the base.  But neither of those aspects makes it a Constitutionally-appropriate expression, not given its current location.
I hope you realize that the MRFF has not called for the removal of the sign. Rather, we have requested that it either be moved to the grounds of the base chapel, or that the sentiment expressed in the current location be expanded to reflect the entirety of religious beliefs that are represented among base personnel.
My personal preference would be to see the sign moved to the chapel.  I like the sentiment. I agree with the sentiment. But I also believe that by expressing one specific sectarian perspective, even one with which I agree, it is inappropriate in its current location.
Thanks for the taking the time to read my perspective.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter

Dear (name withheld),

Where to start?

Your crude and rather confused message was forwarded to me for response because Mikey is busy protecting the religious freedom of the women and men in the military.

I assume I don’t have to explain ‘crude’ to you.

As regards ‘confused,’ let me count the ways.

Actually, you see, you’re wrong from the git. It was the Marines on the base who asked for help from the MRFF. We don’t elect to engage these efforts casually as there are so many violations out there. We do respond when asked for help, as I hope you would if some fellow Marines asked. But you’ve been out for a while, so maybe you’ve forgotten.

Given your description of who and what hold “a very special place in (your) heart” I’m sure it’s a case of familiarity breeding.

And as to your message to atheists, I’m afraid you’re wrong again. But where’s the surprise? Foul-mouthed loudmouths are not known for their accuracy or their judgment.

Have a nice day.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


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