Ft Rucker

Would you leave the military alone!  Now your organization wants to have the term “Crusaders” removed because it may be offensive?  You guys are just as bad as the Westboro Baptist Church goons.
(name withheld)

Hi Lefty,

Seriously? Is the military so weak, in your opinion, that it will be injured by being required to behave in a legal and ethical manner? I’m sorry you find it so wanting.

Perhaps you aren’t familiar enough with what’s going on in the world to be aware of the face that using terms like ‘Crusader’ and flaunting the symbol of Christianity plays right into the hands of the propaganda campaign of the extremists of DAESH, but even if that weren’t the case don’t you think it would be unwise to use illegal  and inappropriate religious symbolism and culturally offensive terms to identify units of the U.S. military when they are interacting with people of different faiths and cultures out in the world?

Maybe you just haven’t thought it through. I hope you will. We have enough to do without having to explain things that ought to be obvious.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


You’re a disgrace to this country, and to have went through the AF Academy.  You should know about traditions and protocol.  I doubt you served more than your required 8 year obligation.  And I am guessing you were no more than an office officer.  Never served with any combat troops, who truly know the meaning of team and family.  Yes, I know what is going on in this world, and attacking things like “crusaders” is a waste of time and resource.  Maybe you should assist wounded warriors, instead of worrying about the whole separation of church and state.  What a Douche.

(name withheld)


Well, that clears things up.

Yeah, that “whole separation of church and state” thing is such a bother.
I hope your ability to read and comprehend is better than

your ability to use proper grammar.

So you’d rather we didn’t waste our “time and resource.” Hmmm. When did the

way we use our time and resources become your business?

Perhaps, if you knew more about the experiences of the people associated with

the MRFF, you’d be less inclined to shoot your mouth off. But somehow, reading

over your messages a second time, I find myself doubting it.

Anyway, consider your complaints filed and studiously ignored.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)




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