Mikey The jew

Let me start by saying that I neither expect, nor will this e-mail address above allow, a reply from you or any of the other leftist bandits in your misnamed so-called “Military Religious Freedom Foundation.”

As a Pastor of a large church of The True Gospel of Jesus Christ and former military chaplain, I can only say that people like you and your people are the lowest scum of the earth. You personally are the worst. Suddenly you all are attacking our Army for their “Crusader” names and logos? None of that hurts one single person. You make mountains out of molehills. You “represent” crybabies.

You all pretend to “fight” for “equality of religion in the military” but that already exists for all. You hunt without mercy good Christians in the armed services who only want to share The Good News with those who may wish to listen. Nobody is ever coerced or forced under duress. It’s all quite voluntary and respectful. You and your people are liars to say otherwise.

You all just hate our Lord and Savior Jesus and want to replace Him with either Allah, Satan, Karl Marx or “none.” Or maybe Buddha or witches or 2 hundred Hindu “gods”.

I see that you are a jew too. How interesting? No, I am not an antisemite and have even some friends who are also jew. But it is hard not to consider what your people did in rejecting the Son of God and turning Jesus over to the Romans. It is hard not to see the “Judas” in a jew like you, Mikey Weinstein.

Remember what happened to Judas, Mr. Weinstein? Leave the Army alone, “Mikey”

Happy Unthanksgiving to you and your communist people from hell.

(name withheld)


Oh come on now, you don’t give yourself enough credit — we’re not the “lowest scum on earth”.  That degree of being low and scummy is certainly better attained by someone who would send a hateful, anti-Semitic email using a fake name and a fake email address. From my view, that is some world-class scumminess.

Oh but I forgot, you say you can’t be an anti-Semite because you “have even some friends who are also jew.” Well, they must burst with pride knowing you have their back like that. Or maybe not.

Do you think that Jesus feels the same amount of pride at how you represent Him? Probably not.

Mike Challman

Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter

Pastor Clide, you poor, pathetic fool,

I realize you have arranged it so a response will not be accepted at this address, but I think a response is nonetheless appropriate because someone may read it along with your ugly message and learn a bit more of the truth about how ignorant, bilious, antisemitic losers like you soil Christianity with a pretense of holiness while spewing hatred.

If you had the courage necessary to be a true person of faith or one who chose instead a thoughtful, ethical life without the need for such a belief, you would know the satisfaction associated with personal peace and contentment. However, as a coward and a pretender you are left with an empty interior and an unquenchable thirst for wholeness that you deny at your peril, choosing instead to lash out blindly and hysterically at those whose clarity fills you with fear.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)



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