THE BLAZE- Military Activist Who’s Trying to Stop Air Force Football Players’ On-Field Prayers Doubles Down

Click here to read at The Blaze

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1 Comment

  1. jimbo

    Why feature the ‘Blaze’, it’s just another chickenshit propaganda site that doesn’t allow one to adequately reply. If that’s the only source consider not wasting your time, they’re just another christianist endeavor. Our media is totally infected, including any site using disqus, like Facebook. Time to quit dancing, those who are of this infection (one can never tell, christianists are first and foremost liars), but their gods are ‘superior’, over the U.S. Constitution, bottom line. I believe President Obama must convene scholars, religious leaders, any who can constructively contribute to the discussion, what is the situation? Let all have their say, find out if indeed reality shows action not in the best interests of the survival of this nation. Quit denying what is so obvious, real Christians need to begin to understand the threat being made in their names by those who have no interest in their religious freedom.
    I apologize for my comments here, in excuse I’m totally censored by Facebook and any site that uses Disqus, for telling truths, for saying things like above. Someone needs to bring attention to the scope of the problem, even if not understanding the magnitude of that scope.

    If I am violating any of your rules please let me know.

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