12/5/15 NBC 7 SAN DIEGO – Public Prayer at Football Game Called ‘Scandalous Outrage’

Click to read on NBC 7 San Diego

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Mikey is a scandalous outrage. I just wish he would go and suck on his mommies titties little cry baby!

  2. G

    The USAF religious scandals are outrageous and you YW need to suck on your mommies you know what like a cry baby.

  3. MJ

    Lots of FB comments on this story….rabid Xtians taking umbrage at the idea of someone wanting to stop prayer on the field.
    I wonder how they would feel if it was muslims wanting everyone on the team to pray their way……. be talking out of a different side of their mouths i would guess.
    This country is so divided it’s no wonder it’s falling in quality of life stats.
    But w/ Mikey on the job, maybe, just maybe, we can hold onto a Constitutional govt. and freedom of and from religion…but I’m beginning to doubt the possibility….

  4. TCinLA

    Nice to be reminded by Yeshua’s Warrior how I never knew so many morons in one place at one time as I did in the Navy – and most of them were the sounthern-friend fundamentalist types that the rest of us mostly laughed at. But this is no laughing matter, since you idiots appear to believe (like the ISIS fundamentalists) that you have a “religious right” to impose your ignorant bullshit on the rest of us. Sorry, “religious freedom” means we’re all free to have nothing to do with religion, and that nobody has the right to impose theirs on anyone else. So please go take a jump out of an airplane without a parachute. I’m sure the angels will waft you safely to the ground.

  5. G

    Since 9/11, our freedoms have been on decline due to post 9/11 laws being passed.

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