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Dear Mikey,

Shalom Sir. You and I have communicated before in the past couple of years. I contribute every year to MRFF. I am a stalwart supporter, although my financial contributions are not great.
My name is SatHanuman Singh (Khalsa). I worked 6 years for TSA (DHS) in Portland, Oregon where I currently live with my wife.
I also purchased some bumper stickers and pins at your MRFF store today as well.
If you haven’t remembered me yet, I am a Sikh-American, a Vietnam era veteran, a grandfather and an activist. Your latest min documentary on “Government-paid missionaries” is excellent coverage, although the subject is disgusting to any Democracy loving American.
I wish MRFF and Sikh Coalition could work together. As you have observed Canada just elected 187 MPs of the Liberal Party. Ten Sikhs were elected and two are in the PMs cabinet. Defense Minister Harjit Singh Saajan is a decorated Colonel in the Canadian Army.
We need more Sikhs serving in our Armed Forces. After 30 years since the Reagan administration we have only four Sikhs (with turbans, beards, unshorn hair) serving. After watching your video on the ‘Christianization of the US Armed Forces”, I can see why.
This indoctrination of fundamentalism within the Academies and military training centers is totally wrong and the American people need to know.
Graham and all the other “Campus Crusaders” are low lifes in my view. They are the farthest from Jesus’ teachings.

I have passed the video to many Sikhs and lovers of Liberty I know. I will continue to do so.
Trish responded to my mistake on the wording of our brick I purchased today.
I was originally going to write the words of Roger Williams (Baptist Minister who was banished from Boston, Salem, and Plymouth in 1636) said in 1638- “There should be a hedge-wall between the Garden of the Church and the weeds of the State”. About 80 years later, Thomas Jefferson paraphrased the co-founder of Rhode Island with his words to the the Danbury Baptists.
Because it wouldn’t fit with the 22 characters on each line, I decided to quote a great Sikh Teacher (Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa) “If you can’t see G-O-D in ALL, you can’t see G-O-D at all!”.
Former governor of New Mexico (Gary Johnson) knew Yogi Bhajan when he resided in Espanola.
He (Yogi Bhajan) would be very happy with your work, Mikey. I sure am. Keep it up!

Humbly submitted- Shalom

(name withheld)

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