BREAKING: On Raw Story

Good afternoon Mr. Weinstein,
I’ve read all the articles you’ve sent.  All of them were an education and very interesting.   This article was the most interesting for me.

No doubt, I feel like a target has been painted on me as a Muslim since my harassment case. I can imagine others are going through the same thing as me.  I’d be under great duress right now, and not knowing where to turn for help if my friend had not given me MRFF’s contact info.

Your aunt was so courageous, 90 years old and still had her faculties to sense and feel like she might have to get up and go at any given moment. Certain life experiences like her surviving a concentration camp can make someone feel this way; I will not even attempt to act like I understand what she went through; I cannot even inagine.It seems like your aunt’s words have inspired you and has given you the passion you have today to seek justice for those who have been wronged (along with your children’s injustice at the AFA…I think I read that), and to not give up the fight for justice.  I noticed that after you first made contact with me. You were determined and you made me feel like it wasn’t even my case,  but rather your case, your problem, and your military career.

Mr. Weinstein,  please keep  sending the articles.  I find them all very interesting and motivates me to help others more so now than ever before.  “Don’t stop” Mr. Weinstein.  Many more military need you and your staff’s assistance.   I will refer victims of bigotry to MRFF if I hear of any religious discrimination.   You can count on that.  Thank you for your assistance.  Have a great evening.

(name withheld)

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