Brian Hill’s Response to MRFF

Thank you for your 2 emails sent 1 Dec at 1608 and 1609 MST Mr. Weinstein.

I would like to refer you to the USAFA Inspector General, Col David Kuenzli at 719-333-3490.  If you or any of your contacts choose to file a complaint or grievance it will be processed in accordance with Air Force standards, instructions and law. 

Have a great evening.



No thank you, Col. Hill…. Indeed, thank you for nothing, sir…In our nearly 12 years of confronting the plethora of truly egregious church/state violations at the United States Air Force Academy, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has consistently found that interfacing with the Air Force Academy’s own Inspector General’s office is about as useful and productive as utilizing a “football bat” in an athletic event… The astonishingly consistent MISapplication of “Air Force standards, instructions and law”, as well as the torturing of the basic religious freedom precepts of our United States Constitution, in pathetically transparent attempts to “pretend to address” these numerous religious freedom civil rights violations by all official grievance review agencies and entities at the Academy, to include the office of the Inspector General, is tragically ALWAYS skewed in favor of protecting the blatantly partisan, sectarian rights of the ultra – conservative,  fundamentalist Christian proselytizers who brutally, stealthily and ruthlessly wield power and influence across the broad-spectrum of the Air Force Academy’s taxpayer – funded education leadership and training mission…MRFF is currently representing 143 US Air Force Academy cadets, faculty and staff – as well as 11 other Air Force active-duty and retired personnel – in this particular sordid matter…there is not one of them who would trust the Air Force Academy to “investigate itself” and come out with ANYTHING close to a just, rational and reasonable decision here… Thus, MRFF will now take its case on behalf of its 154 clients to the American and world communities…… sincerely, Mikey Weinstein, Founder and President, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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