CHRISTIAN POST – Air Force Academy Investigates Player-Led Prayers on Football Team

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  1. Jim Webb

    Dear Mikey. I am praying for you. You must have suffered severe abuse when you were younger to respond the way you do. I know what I am talking about.

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    I would agree with you Jim. I think he feels he is God’s appointed vindicator like the Apostle Paul against all Christians who called him a “Christ-killer” while in the academy.

    First of all, I would agree that it was wrong what was done to him by fellow cadets or what he was called, but it is time for him to forgive his abusers and to let it go, for I am sure that Mikey knows that forgiveness is also a Jewish concept as it was also taught by the Jewish Messiah Jesus/Yeshua.

    Mikey is the modern day Saul/Paul that needs to have his own Damascus Road experience like Paul had turned him from the greatest persecutor of Christians, to the greatest preachers and missionaries of the Gospel of Christ!

  3. G

    Gee, YM, maybe it is time for these Christians who claim that they are being persecuted in the USA to forgive their tormentors and move on.

  4. Connie


    Your logic is flawed. Insisting everyone follows the same laws means Mikey was abused as a child because you were abused too?

    Do you agree or disagree that the public praying needs to stop? That would be my question to you.

    As for the abuse you suffered in the past, you have my sympathy. I find bringing the subject out into the open is the best way to promote healing, not only for the abused but for the next generation too. Personally I found therapy to help but each person must find their own path.

    Abuse is a cycle that thrives on secrecy and shame. If we move the conversation out into the open then perhaps healing will begin. Imagine a generation who is empowered and healthy; what wonders will such minds and souls create?

  5. Yeshua Warrior

    Public prayer does not need to stop!! It is guaranteed to us by the Constitution, “the free exercise of religion.”

  6. G

    Public prayer is not guaranteed by the US Constitution when it violates the separation of state and church in certain situations like the US Military since is the military is funded by US taxpayers.

  7. Mark Sebree

    YW –

    Public prayer by an individual is guaranteed by the Constitution. However, we are not talking about an individual here. We are talking about the government and its representatives. The same Constitution, as well as the applicable military regulations, prohibit the government and its representatives while acting as the government’s representatives from endorsing or disparaging any religion or belief system.

    That seems to be the distinction that you always miss. When the individual is acting as the government’s representative, or can reasonably be said to appear to be government’s representative, the individual is bound by the restrictions on the government. And the government cannot engage in public prayer.

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