DALLAS CATHOLIC BLOG – Crude anti-Christian thug continues persecuting Christians in the military

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Well Mike Challman, looks like your fellow Catholics know the truth too, why can’t you see. Satan is very good and deceiving even Catholics!

  2. G

    Mickey is Jewish and even if he was a Catholic, he would still go after people who violate the line between state and religion. YW, you still don’t know the truth.

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    Oh I do know the Truth and it has set me free!

  4. G

    From seeing how Connie beats you every time with her knowledge of the Bible, you still don’t know the truth; whereby, you are still not free.

  5. Yeshua Warrior

    Connie has a heathen knowledge of the bible, not a Spirit-filled knowledge! Even Satan and his demons know the bible, but they corrupt it, just like heathens like Connie!

  6. G

    What do you mean by Spirit-filled knowledge, YW? How did Satan corrupted the Bible? Connie knows more about the contents of the Bible than you do.

  7. Yeshua Warrior

    Come on G, I have been reading and studying the bible for the last 40 some years that I have been a follower of Christ, have a minor degree in bible and a seminary degree in theology!

    Spirit-filled meaning that those who have accepted Christ as their Messiah are no in-dwelt by the third person of the trinity called the Holy Spirit, who is also God, and the Spirit opens our eyes spiritually to understand what the original writers were saying when being led by the Holy Spirit to write.

  8. G

    Yeah YW, you are one of these people that can spend an entire lifetime studying something and still not understand its contents or the message of it. Look at all the leaders who have degrees in business and accounting, and they still are unable and/or unwilling to run an honest business, create good paying jobs, and produce good products and services at a reasonable price. The same can be said for people with religious degrees. They don’t practice what the Bible says, the Bible and religion to them are just another bunch of scams to gain wealth and power, and they have not done anything to bring peace on earth and goodwill to men (and women) when you look at all the endless wars that the human race has had since the end of time despite the fact that people have been going to church and attend religious schools for most if not all of their lives.

    ” ….are no in-dwelt by the third person of…..”

    This part of your sentence does not make any kind of sense and is not logical at all.

  9. G

    You did not answer my question on how Satan corrupted the Bible. Most people like myself were taught that he refuse to obey and serve God; therefore, he was cast out from heaven. Most of us were never told how he had corrupted the Bible.

  10. Connie

    G – YW can’t admit I know what I’m talking about for these reasons:

    1. I’m a girl. We don’t get to ‘talk or teach as a man does’
    2 I’m no longer a Christian as I do not accept The Lord Jesus as my personal savior.

    This second reason is the hardest for YW to understand. Accepting Christ is the end game for him where it was a train stop in life for me. Just because the clothes I wore when I was five don’t fit me know doesn’t mean I was never five. Same with my spiritual journey.

    Yep. YW is a spiritual terrorist. He may have eased back on his violent rhetoric but it’s easy to see what is in his heart. Violence, fabrications, anger, and intolerance. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound Christ like at all but like someone… Wait don’t tell me, it will come to me who he reminds me of…. 😀

  11. G

    Connie, I drop out of Christianity because religion and God did not do a thing to help people like me with such things as struggling school grades, dealing with bad people in the world, being semi-unemployed, racism, sexism, homeless, civil, political, labor, and social rights, etc.

  12. Connie


    I found the idea of religion to be more comforting than the practice. In my faith journey I expected holy leaders to be like those where I grew up – people of integrity. Instead I encountered all kinds of corruption from people who had immense power over others, people who knew better but succumbed to the temptations before them. Nope, no honor at all.

    Here is a phrase which is mirrored in most of the faith’s I’ve studied – For the Good of All and May it Harm None. I like it better than the ‘Do unto others’ bit. I mean, what if the other person wants to die or is a masochist? Nope, ‘for the good of all’ is cleaner. And I don’t have to beat someone. LOL

    Happy holidays to you – whichever one you do or don’t celebrate I hope this time of year is kind to you. 🙂

  13. G

    “I found the idea of religion to be more comforting than the practice. In my faith journey I expected holy leaders to be like those where I grew up – people of integrity. Instead I encountered all kinds of corruption from people who had immense power over others, people who knew better but succumbed to the temptations before them. Nope, no honor at all.”

    Connie, I know what you are feeling since I feel the same way about military people, police officers, politicians and business leaders having integrity (but actually have none at all). I also dropped out of Church since I got tired of seeing ordinary people praising the Lord on Sunday, but then throwing away the Bible every chance they did come Monday and never getting punish for it. I don’t believe that there is a God dispensing justice in the way. I bet you a lot of them never felt sorry for what they have done to other people even when they were dying on their deathbed.

    Happy holidays to you as well whether you celebrate it or not. Hope next year will be better for you.

  14. Yeshua Warrior


    Come on man, man up and take some responsible for your struggling school grades, God is not obliged to help everyone get straight A’s. Maybe you had to study harder or learn a new method of studying. Also, some people test better than others. Regarding bad people in the world, there will always be bad people in this world, why, because everyone is born a sinner, but there will come a time when God will take care of the bad people or all those who do not know Christ as Savior.

    Regarding the homeless, Jesus said that you will always have the poor in this world, but even Jesus was homeless to an extent, in Matt. 8:20 – Jesus said – But Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens to live in, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place even to lay his head.”
    Scripture says that Jesus was despised and rejected by men! Isaiah refers to Jesus as the man of sorrows.

    Just because one accepts Christ does not mean their life will be a bed of roses from there on out. Jesus said that you will have tribulation in this world, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. James/Jacob says “count it all joy when you face various trials, knowing that the testing or your faith produces endurance…”

    You think you had it hard, Jesus told his disciples and future disciples that men will revile you on my account, you will be thrown in prison, you will be beheaded on my account. The apostle Paul, was shipwrecked 3 times, thrown in prison several times, shackled with Roman centurions on each side, and those Roman prisons were not like our prisons today all nice and plush with running toilets.

    So G, when you are ready, I will give you some cheese to go with your whine. Maybe I should call the wambulance for you.

    All of mankind lives in a fallen world due to the entrance of sin back at the Garden of Eden, so buck up and get used to it.


  15. Connie

    Did YW just tell G to take responsibility for themselves? My flabber is ghasted.

    According to YW, his answer to homelessness is to tell the homeless ‘You’ve always been around so there is no point in doing anything for you so suck it up buttercup!’


    For millennia, even before there was Christianity, Priests or Holy men consistently used the same dogma to keep their followers in line. Do as I say or my deity will come down to smite you. Give us money or our deity will smite you (actually it was the priests doing the smiting but it was divinely inspired. ///Right///).

    It’s a pattern that has repeated forever (kind of like shampoo – wash, rinse, repeat). I, for one, am ready to try something new. How about focusing on the fundamental issue that not everyone is created the same way. What works for one doesn’t always work for all – so why not craft solutions that addresses this diversity?

    For example, where I live there are a lot of homeless folks. They could get into the system and obtain housing but what if sleeping inside doesn’t work for them? Why do they have to be pressed into a 3×5 box because someone thought that’s the easiest way to store humans?

    When I read the Bible, I heard address the individual from the teachings of Jesus. I heard there are solutions when each issue is approached with love. There is a way for all through love. In order for everyone to share this planet humanity has to let go judgement, tribalism, and hatred. We really do have to love our enemy.

    I am confident in saying not everyone is up to the task.

  16. Yeshua Warrior

    Connie, I am not saying to leave the homeless that way, just pointing out that there will always be the homeless and we cannot help everyone, but I would say let’s first help the homeless vets for they deserve to be have a home or a place to sleep since they were willing to give so much and did for out country, no matter what their religion or non religion!!

    I was more focusing on G’s taking responsibility for his poor grades, God cannot be held responsible for how we do grade wise in school or college, that is all on us!

    Believe it or not, there are a lot of homeless Holocaust survivors in Israel who I intend soon to financially support through Christian ministries over in Israel and I hope next time I am over there to personally minister to them.

    Granted there are a lot of homeless people who are mentally ill and cannot help themselves and we need to do all we can to help them, but there are those who are capable of working, and it is there responsibility to go seek a job even if it is at a McDonalds’s somewhere!

    What you do not get Connie is that everyone has a right to live on this planet, but Jesus specifically said that there is only ONE WAY to heaven and that is through Him alone, if anyone will not accept His free gift of salvation, then they do face an eternity away from God in a rather unpleasant place! That’s the fact Jack!! If you do not choose to hear what I say, that is okay, but I have at least warned you of the consequences, and the consequences or wages is death, both physically and spiritually. So, if you choose to go to hell, that is all on you and nobody else.

  17. G


    If Jesus said that you will always have poor people, then God should take care of them since the poor did not asks to be brought into this world and so what was God’s plan for them since he made them in his own image? It would also explain why the wealthy people gets laws pass to criminalizes the poor and the homeless because they don’t want to deal with them even though we are our brothers keepers.

    God is responsible for us since we were told that he had a plan for us whether a person is struggling with grades, dealing with bad people, etc: http://www.openbible.info/topics/the_plans_god_has_for_us

    If God has a plan for homeless people, then he should take care of them. BTW, why should homeless veterans be help first particularly when you stated that we can not help every homeless person? You have lots of non-veteran people who have been homeless since they deserve a home or a place to sleep considering the fact that many of them lost their jobs thanks to wealthy people and corporations. Besides, since you stated that people are responsible for themselves, then homeless veterans should take responsibility for making themselves homeless.

    Regarding homeless Holocaust people in Israel, why are you going to help them out instead of your fellow countrymen and women. Don’t you believe in charity beings at home? Besides, let the Jews take care of them. We have given so much taxpayer money to Israel, that the ordinary Israeli citizen gets twice or three times the amount of money that is spent on American citizen at home.

    Everyone has a right to live on the planet. Yeah right. First of all, none of us asks to be brought into this world. Secondly, if you say that we have a right to live on the planet, many people will respond to you by saying that the world doesn’t owe you a living? So why bring in people into this world, when they are going to be denied food, shelter, medicine, clothing, a good paying job, and a good retirement. Third, all those babies that die at still birth, died a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, or months, did not seem to have a right to live on the planet. Was that God’s plan for them?

    You got a lot of prisons that are no longer plush and have toilets running because they are getting old and crumbling and it is hard for prison officials to get enough money to do preventative maintenance.

    “Regarding bad people in the world, there will always be bad people in this world, why, because everyone is born a sinner,….” Your statement doesn’t make sense at all.

    You can keep the cheese with your whining and I will call the wambulance to take you to the mental asylum. The way you treat people, it is you that is going to Hades (if there is one) since you are dead both phyiscally and spirtually since you don’t have any kind of compassion in your body.

  18. G

    Comedian Bill Burr stated in one of his shows stated that he didn’t like being judged by God on how he turned out in his life considering the fact that it was God made him that way so Burr stated that God needs to take responsibility for it.

  19. Yeshua Warrior


    You seem like you are on this blame God for everything tangent. Everything is God’s fault, do you think that everyone should take responsibility for their own faults and sins?
    You say that the poor did not ask to be brought into this world, well news flash, it was not God who had sex with their mother to create them. If you want to put blame on anyone for that, they should ask their parents why did you bring into this world, since it was their parents who chose to take a roll in bed and create them.

    Regarding grades, God’s plans for us do not include passing every class and getting straight A’s. Now, if you can show me where in scripture that it says that God is responsible for our grades then I will be willing to listen, but I cannot recall any verse that says that God is responsible for our grades. If you fail a class that is totally on you not God! Take some responsibility for some of your educational shortcomings. Not all Christians get straight A’s, and some Christians even fail classes as well and have less than a B average GPA’s. Do you find them complaining and blaming God, no!

    Regarding Jews, the reason I put them before my own countrymen is because they are God’s own chosen people and Christians are indebted to the Jewish people, they gave us the scriptures, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are to make them jealous for the Gospel that us Gentiles were given so that they come to faith in their own Messiah Jesus. The Apostle Paul, a Jew, wrote in scripture that the Gospel is for the Jew first then the Gentile! Finally, God said that if we bless His chosen people then He will bless us in return and not all of that means financially either. And, the Jewish people are our elder brothers in the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So, I will take care of first the Jews then my own countrymen! If you have a problem with that, take it up with God.

    You also stated – Besides, let the Jews take care of them. We have given so much taxpayer money to Israel, that the ordinary Israeli citizen gets twice or three times the amount of money that is spent on American citizen at home. That is a fallacy G, do you know that 31% of Israeli’s live under the poverty line. Israeli children go hungry, there are Holocaust survivors living on the street. There Israeli children who are orphans due to their parents being killed by Palestinian terrorists and some orphanages there depend on contributions as a non-profit organization to survive and feed and cloth the children there. You said I have no compassion, I have compassion for the Israeli people for they have been the focus of hatred for over 3,000 years!! Besides, that is the ministry God has called me to, to support, defend, and pray for the Jewish people and Israel!

    Oh yeah, I have tons of compassion for children in our hospitals today who are abused, have cancer, etc.

    Regarding your comment by Bill Burr, he cannot judge God for how he turned out, that is his own fault and responsibility!

  20. Yeshua Warrior


    Please read this article on the poverty rate in Israel, it maybe very enlightening for you!

  21. G

    Yes, God (if there is one can be blame) for what is happening in people’s lives; otherwise, why should we go to church and worship and praise him

    If God didn’t want poor people on his planet, he should have not given the people the means to reproduce the population of Earth.(Genesis 9:7).

    If you want to help the Israeli people, then you should pack up and take up permanent residence in Israel, but don’t expect me or anyone else to provide taxpayer’s money to Israel. They need to find the money to take care of their own people. If you have a problem with that then take it up with the Israeli government and God. If those poor people in Israel are poor, then blame God for it, the Israeli government for it or blame the poor people for making themselves poor.

    Since you believe that homeless military veterans are not being taken care of, then take it up with God, the Pentagon and the US government or blame the veterans themselves for being homeless.

    Here are website regarding poverty in America overall. Don’t think that the military veterans are the only ones who go hungry and have no roof over their heads.







    BTW, 50% or more people live on less than $10 a day, are you going to blame that many people for letting themselves be poor: http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/08/news/economy/global-low-income/

    Why are Christians indebted to the Jewish people? Many Christians believe that the Jews killed Christ, so many of them believe that the Jews deserve to die in the Holocaust. To be fair, Christ really did not get a fair trail, let alone a good defense attorney.

    Here is the amount of money the USA gives to Israel:





    if you want to know why so many Israeli are poor, then you need to take it up with God and the Israeli government about what happen to all that money that the American taxpayer had sent to Israel.

    As usual, you still have not answered my question about God’s plan for babies dying at birth or shortly after birth in terms of seconds, hours, days, or months. Or answer my question about God’s plan for homeless/poor people. Or about people saying that the world doesn’t owe you a living even though you YW, stated that we have a right to live on this planet. Of course, the reason you can’t or wouldn’t answer my questions is because you can’t offer any kind of logical response because you relied on some book that was written by old men who had nothing else to do with their lives.

  22. G
  23. G


    If God did not want people to make love and have the means to reproduced, then he should have not given them the means to do so. Again, none of us asks to be brought into this world. God takes care of bad people? Well, where was he when the Jews were being wiped out?

    If God makes someone in his/her own image, then he should take responsibility how someone turns out.

    Read the poverty rate in the USA:



    If the Jews can’t take care of their own poor people, then you need to take it up with them or God. If you believe in the Jews so much then maybe you should converted to Judaism considering the fact that the Jews have their own people leaving the faith.

    You think that Christians owe the Jews anything? Many of the them blame the Jews for killing Christ who by the way did not get a fair trial of his peers let alone have a lawyer defend him.

    Bill Burr has the right to judge God on how he turn out. If you want to praise God and give him credit for things being done right, then he needs to accept responsibility and the blame for how things turned out wrong. It’s kind of like corporations reaping the rewards for their bad decisions but we have to pay the negative costs of what they have done.

    You need to watch Anna Baltzer film Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos where she talks about all the money that the ordinary Israeli citizen gets from the US government compare to the ordinary American. If you think that American money is not flowing down to the ordinary poor Israeli, then you need to take it up with both the Israeli and American governments.

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