MRFF’s Rebuttal to USAF Academy Decision

I am usually with you 100% but in this case I have to wonder if you are trying to stop the players from exercising their freedom of religion. Were these guys required to join the prayer? 

I know that as a pretty much atheistic Jew, I always hated being required to join prayers when I was in school and I never spoke the words, I just quietly stood by without disrupting the recitations. That still got me into trouble with some intolerant teachers.

I really do agree with you and love what you are doing, I just wonder where the line is drawn between refusing to be forced to join in a prayer session and when our resistance puts us into the same group as the religious crazies.

Happy New Year.

(name withheld)


Hi (name withheld),

I understand your concern, and this situation is one that is easily misunderstood in that it appears to

be a spontaneous demonstration of piety on the part of men of faith. But it’s important to understand

that the MRFF became involved at the request of cadets and members of the team who are both

offended by the demonstration and felt pressured to take part and/or be supportive.

Understanding their experience and perspective makes it more clear that this is in fact another and
perhaps even more concerning example of the campaign by certain forces at the academy to ally

themselves and the institution with a Christian posture.

These kids can believe what they want and pray if they choose, but to make a public display of it
while setting up a sense of required unit cohesion around it crosses a very dangerous line.


Mike Farrell
(MRFF Boar of Advisors)




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