Please forward to Mr. Mike Farrell

Dear Mr. Farrell:

I enjoyed your acting talent tremendously on M*A*S*H and Providence, and especially in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims’ Unit where you were part of a couple named “Jonas” and “Lanie” (although it turned out that her true name was “Caroline”). Until the SVU episode, I thought of you as an actor who played comedic or light dramatic roles. That piece left me stunned by its poignancy.

I’ve also known that you directed some episodes of both M*A*S*H and Providence. But it wasn’t until you became a member of MRFF Advisory Board and began answering nasty emails that I discovered that you have a well-honed and delightfully sharp sense of humor – and of the absurd. Your responses to some of the people who will contribute to volume 2 of Bonnie Weinstein’s book make me laugh aloud until I cry. My latest favorite is your answer to someone who just refused to get the point. You said to continue with his or her argument would be “putting lipstick on a pig.” I won’t quickly forget that.

Thank you for your entertaining intelligence and sharp wit.

Peace & Goodness,

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld),

Thanks very much for your kind words. I’m proud to be working with Mikey and the group he has assembled in this important effort. I kind of never know what happens with these messages when they go off into the ether but I am aware of the fact that Mikey sometimes has some of them posted somewhere. And I get that he sometimes circulates some of what the members of the team put out.

So I’m not quite sure how it is you’re aware of what I’ve been writing, but since you seem to have enjoyed some of it I’m delighted to know that. I’m sure some of the recipients aren’t so happy when they read them.

Some of these attackers, as you doubtless know, are beneath contempt; some are truly sick and some messages come from people who are either brain-dead or deeply sick at heart. Many are confused or merely misguided as a result of getting their information from people with a pretty twisted “Christian” agenda. But every once in a while someone comes along who, though starting out angry or bewildered, is willing to listen to reason and allows her or himself to “get it.” That’s pretty cool.

And sometimes it’s just fun to pick apart an arrogant jerk like Mr. “lipstick on a pig.”

Thanks very much for your sweet message.

Mike Farrell



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