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I know u will not like the statement but I don’t care.  That Colonel is not the bully the so called mrf or whatever are the bullies. You claim to represent how many let say oh  forty thousand soldiers, but isn’t that the minority  I mean there is over 300,000 soldiers but apparently those forty thousand right trumps everyone else.  Don’t bother replying because  there is nothing u or anyone associated with ur group will make me see anything but  the truth and it isn’t yours.

(name withheld)

I’m sorry, (name withheld), but your anger is blinding your intelligence.

We have a constitution in this country and it is the basis for our laws. When

officers disobey our laws and the regulations of their own military organizations,

they are subject to dealing with consequences.

Ignorance of the laws and regulations, such as you’ve demonstrated here,

don’t make his violations disappear. But what you do in supporting these infractions

is spread your own confusion while you attempt to justify his wrongdoing.

It’s very sad to see such ignorance displayed so proudly.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Hi (name withheld)! Welcome back!

I responded to you on October 1, 2015 concerning the sign and gave you the laws and regulations pertaining to it. Those same laws pertain to Colonel Hundley using a government website to promote one religion – Christianity.
We currently have over 43,000 clients but 1 can represent many, so that is not an accurate figure on how many we are actually helping.
The majority only counts in voting and as Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Sandra Day O’Connor said “In America, we don’t count heads before enforcing the First Amendment.”
I have attached my original response to you to save space. Replace the “sign” with Colonel Hundley and you will see that he is in violations of many laws.
Pastor Joan

Good Day –  (name withheld)
First, I realize you said in your note that there is no reason to reply to you. However, it is important to the MRFF that every correspondent receives a response from one or more of us. We appreciate the time you take to write to us, and we want you to know that every email is read and the thoughts of every correspondent are considered.  In the case of your email, I think it’s important to point out a few things that you may not have heard.
Before I do that, I should tell you who I am. I’m a lifelong, committed and active Christian; USAF Academy graduate (’85); and veteran USAF Officer. For the past several years, I’ve been supporting the efforts of the MRFF in a variety of ways, after having first approached the organization as a potential critic. As may be the case with you, when I first learned of the MRFF I assumed the organization is anti-religion generally, and anti-Christian specifically. That is certainly the way in which the MRFF is portrayed in the conservative media… but it’s also incorrect. We are not anti-religion; rather, we are pro-Constitution.
Specific to the recent issue with Colonel Hundley, there are a few things it would be good for you to know:
— We have not objected to Col Hundley’s right to his personal religious beliefs
— We have not objected to any of the content of Col Hundley’s religious beliefs
— We have not objected to Col Hundley’s right, as an individual and in his personal life, to evangelize
What we have objected to is the use of his official position to promote a personal religious belief to his subordinates. And we would make the exact same objection to similar conduct by any military leader of any manner of belief (including non-belief). Said simply, the ONLY thing to which we have objected is the time, place, and manner in which the Colonel is promoting a personal belief, as we would in response to similar conduct from a non-Christian.
It is important to realize that there are many soldiers, subject to Col Hundley’s leadership, who are not Christians. Each of these brave patriots is entitled to live and work in an environment that respects their individual beliefs and which does not singularly promote any particular religious belief (or non-belief). That is not the role of the US military, and when it happens it is contrary to the US Constitution that every military member has sworn to support and defend.
Lastly, I’d ask you to reconsider your dismissal of the rights of “the minority”. Every American, including every American who serves in the Armed Forces, is entitled to the same rights and protections. If you’ve ever done any reading about the history of the US Constitution, you may have heard the term “tyranny of the majority”. It is something about which James Madison and Alexander Hamilton warned us.
As Christians, you and I are blessed to be part of the religious majority in this country. But along with that blessing comes a responsibility to respect the Constitutional rights of those who do not share our beliefs. We owe that to them.
Thanks again for writing. Peace to you.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter







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