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I encourage you to read this and fully understand that there is no separation of church and state! You have been lied to for years!


(name withheld)



Hi (name withheld)-

I appreciate your earnestness in sharing what you believe to be compelling information on this topic. But with respect, you give Matt Barber and the Black Robe Regiment way too much credit. Neither can rightly be considered remotely objective on this issue. Even aside from that, Barber’s assessment is flawed. At a bare minimum, his appeal to Scripture for justification of his position about the meaning and intent of the US Constitution is a fallacious argument….and the single Jefferson quote that he does reference doesn’t actually prove his case in the manner he claims.
But feel free to put all of your trust in partisan sources that reassure and reinforce your already-entrenched predelictions.
As for me, I will rely upon two things. First, the world-class education, as a Political Science major and student of American history, which I received at the USAF Academy. Second, the broad base of reading and study which I have done in the subsequent years which draw from a variety of sources, and not just those that say what I want to hear.
The truth, whether you will admit it or not, is that you do desire a state religion.  You want US civil laws, and all actions by the US government (including the US military and US diplomatic efforts), to be explicitly founded upon your particular interpretation of Christian beliefs and desired outcomes.
Just be honest about that, Bob — it’s okay, you won’t be saying anything that we both don’t already know. For you to deny that reality will always result in a major obstacle in our dialogue.





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