devil brain jew

hey bald jewboy

we hope we pray Jesus rips that kike smirk right off your fucked up jew face we see everywhere

our military is sacred to Jesus and your fucking it up trying to take the only Son of God out of it

praying for your devil brain to explode right threw your eyes and ears you coward wizard

then you can enjoy the sulfur fumes as your are consumed in Lake of Fire for your 2nd death -Revelations 21:8

enjoy Albuquere!

(name withheld)


Let’s see. How do I address this response?

If this address is real, you are or are pretending to be a Marine. If it’s not real, you are not only an ignorant bigot and a fool, but you’re a coward as well. Whether you’re a Marine remains in question.

You see my problem?

None of us are surprised any more to get poisonous, bigoted, ignorant rants from people pretending to be Christians but who clearly didn’t get the message. It would be interesting to get one of these some time from someone with the courage to attach a legitimate address so we could have a discussion about the level of stupidity exhibited in the message and see if the author is willing to try to justify her or his brain-dead name calling. But no, not likely.

And that, of course, is all the evidence one needs to conclude that this kind of bigotry hides its face out of shame at being so transparently cowardly. People filled with fear of their own lack of significance seem to need to lash out at others, especially at those who are intelligent and are willing to stand up for principles, those who dare to comport themselves in an ethical manner.

I’m sorry, did I lose you? Let me aim lower. People such as the person who used her or his energy and time to compose this rot are stereotypical bullies. That means they are gutless people who live in fear and hate those who don’t but are afraid to face either themselves or the people they target with their secret, shame-filled rants.

And it’s a pity you don’t have the courage to deal with your own sad, nearly demented state before it eats you alive.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)






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