Don’t vote for this candidate!!

He will lead you away from God!



(name withheld)


Try this on for size,  (name withheld)—-


Anyone who would so glibly use Nazi imagery to vilify a public figure with whom he disagrees  —  and even more so, anyone who would use Nazi imagery to villify a Jewish public figure such as Senator Sanders  —  is a vile, repugnant, disgusting person who has no honor.


I’m talking about you, of course, (name withheld) — you are the vile, repugnant, disgusting person who has no honor.


Please spare me the weak excuse that someone else created the meme and you’ve merely passed it along. You are as much to blame for this disgusting imagery as the individual who created it. And you claim to know who might lead someone else away from God, (name withheld)? That is a real belly laugh, as you seem to know nothing about God yourself.


Not too long ago, you sent several impassioned emails about your weaknesses and how you sometimes fall short in your communications, and that you are trying to do better. And then you send something like this? This is not some spur-of-the-moment, rash error on your part. You deliberately copied the meme, deliberately pasted it into an email, deliberately added your own words, deliberately addressed the email, and deliberately sent the email.  In other words, you did this with every bit of deliberate intention that one can muster.


So your excuses and your faux apologies about how you are “trying to do better” are nothing but a bunch of empty bluster and bullshit.


You, (name withheld), are a disgrace, and you are no true Christian.


Now go away.




Well Mike, on the way home from work I was thinking yes, that was not the best thing to do. Yes someone else created the meme, so who knows how far down the line it was created, the person that I got it from which was posted on her FB timeline is my girlfriend. So I will pass along to her that she is vile, repugnant, disgusting with no honor.

(name withheld)


You are a real piece of work, (name withheld). You’ve decided it was “not the best thing to go”??

You are truly pathetic. I don’t recall another person among my acquaintances who is less willing to take accountability go himself.
In any case, feel free to share with her my opinion that anyone who would perpetuate something as awful as this meme is vile, repugnant, disgusting and has no honor.
Peas in a pod, ain’t ya, (name withheld)? Equal parts sad and scary.

You Mike, I feel that you are so blind for, you support a man who has just been as vile and disgusting and without honor as you call me. Yes, I am talking about Michael Weinstein. I find it vile and disgusting that he compares Christians to the Taliban, that he wants to leave sucking chest wounds, that he glories in seeing a fellow serviceman “demoted” which by the way was a deceptive way of a lead in to make people that he was demoted in rank. Mikey’s goal in life is to take down every Christian possible that he can by defamation of character, insults, you name it he has done it. And, please do not tell me that Mikey does what he does to protect the Constitution as he interprets it. Because he feels he is protecting the constitution does not give him the right to verbally attack every Christian possible and throw around demands like he is in charge.


As far as me being vile and disgusting, well I guess I am in good company then, let’s see, David was a murder and an adultery, Rahab was a prostitute, the same with Mary Magdalene, Peter denied Christ three times, Paul had Christians stoned to death for being Christians, all those things sound vile to me, but yet, Christ forgave them all, and His blood can cover and forgive me when I am less than Christ-like and ask His forgiveness for it.


What really gets me is that you and the other so called Christians affiliated with MRFF are not obeying the word of God when it says, to not be unequally yoked to a non-believer and what does light have with darkness, nothing. Are these so called Christians even attempting to evangelize Mikey or Mike Farrell or any of the other non-believer associated with MRFF, or I guess you would much rather say nothing and let them die and spend an eternity in hell, and no there is no purgatory mentioned in the bible, just heaven or hell. Once you die there are no second chances period.


I cannot understand how any person who claims the name of Christ can even be a part of an organization like MRFF, especially when Mikey rails on Christians as much as he can. You would not find any spirit filled and controlled Christian near his organization.


By the way, I only flesh out with people associated with MRFF. I work with mostly non-Christians and I get along great with them and treat them with the utmost respect. I even had a lesbian manager for a while and she was a great manager and got along with her very well, Do I disagree with her lifestyle, of course, but she also knew where I was coming from and respected me as well.

(name withheld)

An incredibly lengthy obfuscation and rationalization of your clearly inappropriate and unchristian action.


You use so many words to try to justify your hatefulness.  Not only are you without honor, you are without shame.  Pathetic.


What words would you have for a supposed Christian who thinks it’s humorous to represent a Jewish person as a Nazi?


You are pathetic.

(name withheld)


What’s really funny, in a sadly ironic way, is that it will not be very long before you pull this same crap again. It will be a different meme, or some other inappropriate “joke”, but the same unchristian behavior on your part.

Forgiveness only comes when there is true repentance, Bob. And true repentance is evidenced by a change in behavior.
You can keep spewing all the words that you want, Bob, if that is what you need to do in order to salve your conscience.
By your fruits you will be known, and it’s easy enough to see you for what you truly are.

Actually Mike, I probably will not pull this stuff again, for MRFF only brings out the worst in me, so I will let God deal with MRFF and its associates since this is not my calling. I have been called to be a watchman for Israel and I need to stick to defending Israel and the Jewish people from anti-Zionists and anti-Semites and to instruct the church on their Jewish roots.


I think why I got so riled up with MRFF and displayed less than Christ like behavior is that I am sick and tired of seeing Christians drug through the mud by Christ haters like Mr. Weinstein.


To respond to your note about forgiveness and repentance, there is no verse in scripture that states that you must repent first then Christ will forgive you. Is that some Catholic doctrine or dogma? 1 John 1:9 states “if we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin and cleans us from all unrighteousness.” Repentance follows forgiveness not the other way around Mike.


Just for the record, did you know that there were Jews, in fact over 150,000 of them, that served in the Nazi army during WWII, which means they wore the Nazi uniform. Does that make them vile and  disgusting as well?


Did you also know there were evangelical Christians who served in the Nazi army? I happened to know one of them and his wife at a church I served at many years ago. Now he had no choice since he was conscripted to serve, but does that make him disgusting or vile for killing American or Russian soldiers?

(name withheld)


Of course you will “pull this stuff again,” (name withheld), because that is the nasty, unchristian, dishonorable person that you are. You seem to forget that you’ve made almost this exact promise before — more than once.

I bet you will resume your crazy stream of emails to folks at the MRFF within a matter of days, maybe sooner. It’s who you truly are, Bobby.

It’s sad how you keep sending these lengthy dissertations — so many, many words — in an effort to defend your indefensible nastiness. And it’s pathetic how you keep pointing to other people as the cause for your own actions.
If you had any sense of personal accountability and honor, that would not do that. But you are known by your fruits.

If I may ask another question?  Aside from regulations, why is Mikey so up in arms about 3 chaplains going through Green Beret training with side arms?  I think that their men would be more appreciative and would be more willing to talk to them knowing they went through the same training as they did.

I think chaplains and medics in frontline battle situations should carry a side arm, why you ask, because Islamic terrorists do not observe the Geneva Convention and they will kill anyone chaplain or not. I was speaking to a friend of mine at church last Sunday and found out he was an Army medic in Vietnam for two years, received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He said that the NVA had a bounty on his head of $10,000. Any NVA who kills an American medic receives $10,000 and an immediate promotion.
Finally, those silly Catholics are at it again. Just read an article where the Latin Patriarche of Jerusalem blames Israel for the terrorist attacks that are happening to them. Mike, when will the Catholic Church ever repent of their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ways???
(name withheld)

***  SYSTEM NOTICE  ***   The recipient of this email is currently uninterested in entertaining the thoughts of a nasty, unchristian cretin with no personal honor. Have a nice day.  ***  SYSTEM NOTICE  ***

Nothing is Sacred is It?


I noticed that you posted our private conversations on the MRFF website, how nice of you to post private emails supposedly, I guess nothing is sacred to you Mike! How would you feel if posted our conversations on my ministry page or website?

I would strongly suggest that no one share anything confidential with you, for you would probably blab it all over. Is that what you were taught at the Academy, to disrespect private conversations. I bet you would not have dared to share a private conversation with your commanding officer on social media!! I see that Mikey has taught you well! How does it feel being a disciple of Mikey Weinstein?
Have a nice day!

(name withheld)


For the record, (name withheld) — Please feel free to post my emails wherever you’d like… your website, Facebook, other social media, share them with your friends, whatever.

Everything that I’ve said to you, I would be very comfortable sharing with anyone.
I realize, of course, that you probably don’t feel the same way about some of what you’ve shared.  That fact should give you pause to take a hard look at your conduct… but it probably won’t.

I will be looking into the legality of posting private email conversations on a public website and if there is a case, I will take to Liberty Institute and sue both you, Mikey and MRFF!!

(name withheld)

Isaiah 62:1 – “For Zion’s sake I shall not keep silent…”

You do that, (name withheld). Be sure to mention that the entire exchange was initiated by an email from you, which was sent to a non-personal email address ([email protected]). And also be sure to mention that your name is redacted from all of the emails.

I know you’re just trying to be intimidating, you’re so cute when you do that. It makes me laugh and laugh.

Mike but you responded with your own personal email and called me those horrible things. You do not know me from Adam!  Your flesh is showing too brother!
(name withheld)

Your fruit smells rotten to me, (name withheld)

Couple more things then I will be done Mike, I forgive you for the horrible things you called me and ask your forgiveness for any horrible things I have said about you. Just wanting to practice what Jesus said, to bless those who curse his, so I bless you and your family with long life and abundance of His grace!
(name withheld)

Empty words, (name withheld). True repentance is evidenced by change in behavior.  I give you no more than 72 hours before you send something nasty to someone associated with MRFF.  It’s who you are, (name withheld).

Please, don’t tease me with the promise that you “will be done.”  When the day comes that my doorway is not darkened by your unchristian presence, that will truly be a glorious day. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you pathology will ever allow for such a day to come.



I would and have never called anyone vile, disgusting, a Cretan nor even to my worst enemies. I may have called people turds, jerks a holes, but not vile, disgusting etc.


I am not going to post your emails at all.


What is going on with your pope?  He calls Trump a non-Christian because he wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and says that we want to build bridges not walls, yet the pope lives behind a huge wall. Sounds kind of hypocritical don’t you think? I was listening to talk radio tonight locally and they described the pope in his philosophy as a socialist. He is also anti-Israel just like many of his predecessors. I guess anti-Semitism runs in the papacy sounds like.

 (name withheld)


And here you are yet again, not gone as you insisted you would be by now.

See? It’s the pathology of your particular mental/emotional disorder.
Very sad.  Very sad indeed.

























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