SAM JANE BROWN – Barack Obama on the Verge of Banning Christianity; Aligns With Plot of “Forgotten Word” Novel

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Press release for new novel gives a shout-out to MRFF:

Fans of the book have also noted that the plot of the book aligns with a commonly held fear that Barack Obama is about to misuse his executive authority to ban Christianity in the United States.  This concern has been widely reported in the press. For example, The Conservative Post wrote “Here’s How Obama Plans to ‘Wipe Out’ Christianity from Our Military.” The article cites the fact that the administration has been working closely with The Military Religious Freedom Association, a “known atheist” group, according to The Conservative Post. The article quotes Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.) as saying, “Free exercise of religion dates back to the beginning of our military, all the way back to George Washington bringing chaplains into the military. The very people that are now being threatened are the people out there defending the 1st amendment right.”

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