Unwanted Christian Proselytizing By Our Chaplain



Thank you for the resolution and quick, thoughtful assistance in this matter.


I am an active duty U.S. Army soldier (rank withheld) with (number withheld) years of service stationed at (military installation name withheld).

I had a serious issue recently with a series of mass religious emails which were sent unsolicited via official U.S. Army means to our entire command regarding “daily inspiration” yet quoting the Bible and stating things such as “May your ways be found pleasing to God today and always!” Since I’m in the Army, I often have to just suck it up when dealing with minor annoyances. However, this was no mere minor matter. Why was my Christian Brigade Chaplain proselytizing all of us via official Army communication channels without my consent? Am I truly forced to open my email daily to a violation of my Constitutional rights? I wasn’t truly sure how to tackle the situation, so I spent days searching through regulations trying to find an answer if this was authorized. As the Christian proselytizing messages continued to arrive daily and the solution never seemed in reach I was forwarded contact information for the MRFF. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the quickness and ferociousness of the help I received! Within minutes of asking to be pointed in the right direction I had an email response and personally spoke over the phone with the actual head of the MRFF, Mikey Weinstein, about my issue. Mikey was immediately on my side and wanted to help protect my Constitutional rights, he made sure of this! On top of this, Mikey ensured that I was quickly forwarded advice from a very senior ranking active duty individual within the Army on how to approach this situation and stop it. However, the Chaplain was not willing to accept the advice. I had no idea what to do at this point and felt really hopeless about a resolution. I have no objection to the Christian e-mails being received by soldiers who want them but it’s just wrong to have them forced on everyone and to have this chaplain assume we all want to receive his endless proselytizing communications. Once again, Mikey and the MRFF was quick to respond. Thankfully, as of today the Christian proselytizing messages will stop and soldiers will have to “opt in” to receiving them rather than to have to stand out to our chain of command and “opt out.” Without the assistance of Mikey and the MRFF this unwanted Christian proselytizing would continue! I am proud to say MRFF was willing to energetically stand up for me in a time of critical personal need. No one else would do so. I wholeheartedly recommend if you ever have any constitutional religious issues that the MRFF be your first choice for assistance!!!

(U.S. Army soldier’s name, rank, MOS, unit and military installation all withheld)

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