ACLJ – Angry Atheists Attack the Bible and POW/MIA Memorial Displays

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  1. Rev Bob

    Go ACLJ, leave sucking chest wounds on Mikey!!

  2. Connie

    Again with the violence RevHolYesh! You talk about it so much it feels like it’s become a fetish for you.

    I followed the link and tried to read the article. After the third falsehood I had to stop.

    Seriously, didn’t your lord and savior leave instructions about needing to love one another and doesn’t your holy book have a list (more than nine but less than eleven) of rules you are suppose to follow?

    It’s as if you don’t know what either the book or your savior said, which has to be an embarrassment – you being a preacher and all.

  3. G

    There was this book on Amazon books (I can’t recall the title) where a lot of preachers didn’t need a degree in theologian to run a church. Rev Bob must be one of those preachers.

  4. Rev Bob

    Connie, may I remind you that his “violence” was first said by Mikey towards us Christians, how come He is not following his holy book??? Now I am sure that Mikey was talking about “sucking chest wounds” in a figurative way, well the same with me. The only physical wounds I would do on someone is if they tried to harm me or my family.

    Oh, in another conversation you were mentioning your I presume ex Marine husband and how he taught you to kill using anything, and that Marines are not all there or something like that. Well, I am from a Marine family, WWII and Vietnam, and they were not like your husband at all and I am sure my father swatted me when I was young. You may want to call it violence, but back then it was normal for all kids to get swatted when they disobeyed their parents. Spanking creates healthy boundaries for a child to know what is wrong and what is right behavior. In both the Old and New Testaments it says that we are to discipline our children and the Hebrew word there describes a reed like switch or paddle, belt etc. Thus, it is not violence if God approves of it, for physical discipline is to bring about correction in a child’s rebellious ways.

  5. Rev Bob


    I have a masters in religion, a theology degree thank you very much, however, there is nothing in stone that says that a pastor must have a theological degree to run a church. Case in point, my pastor has his bachelors in criminal justice, and he is one of the finest and most eloquent young preachers I have ever heard in over 40 years.

    Besides, God has not called me to pastor a church, rather to have my own speaking and teaching ministry, to instruct Christians about the Jewish roots of our faith and why the church needs to support and defend Israel today.

  6. G

    Well, it seems that you have flunked your theology like many other preachers when it comes to understanding the Bible. If you want to defend Israel, why don’t you convert to Jewish and emigrate to that country?

  7. Connie

    Rev Bob,

    I got a serious nanny nanny boo boo tone from your message to me. I understand you have the emotional depth of a Ritz Cracker so I’ll do my best to ignore your tone and focus on substance (I know how to adult even when I don’t want to BE an adult).

    First, you confirmed my guess that you are NOT as familiar with the Marines as you say. How so? You wrote ex Marine. There are no “ex” Marines, only old ones and if anyone you knew had served in the Corp, you would know that. As for my late husband being “not right” – you are just full of crap! Have you pooped today? How is him being an amazing warrior teaching me how to defend myself “not right”. Seriously. You need more fiber in your diet.

    As I am not able to find where Mikey talks about “sucking chest wounds” I am not able to answer you, Rev, because I don’t have the context and I don’t trust your input. At. All.

    I will remind you Rev Bob, you are a traitor to your country and to your family who served in the military. Every service person takes an oath to protect the USA from all enemies foreign and domestic. You, Rev, are an enemy of the state because you want to force your religion on everyone. Last I checked that would make you a theocrat and Dominionist. Enemy of the State.

  8. Connie

    Hey G,

    The rules governing churches (who can be one, how to incorporate, financial reporting) are so lax that there are abuses happening everywhere, especially within the Evangelical branch of Christianity. There is a person I read, Bruce Gerencser (dot) net, is his website. He used to be an IFB Pastor but is now Atheist. He has a ton to say about the inner workings of the evangelical church.

    I like Bruce and have been reading his blog for years. He does good work in helping other people to find fresh air after being squashed in the abusive faith of the IFB. He also blogs with No Longer Qivering (there is no U in Qivering – yep they made good their escape!). They talk about people (mostly women – fair warning) who have escaped the Quiverfull movement.

    Hope all is well with you. 🙂 I’m so happy – I’ve had internet access all week! Not sure what to do with myself. LOL

    PS Did you know that churches don’t have to be transparent with their financials? Not to the parishioners, not to the IRS, and since the big mega churches are independent, there isn’t an oversight committee to ensure the monies donated go to the causes people think they are supporting.

    To be fair (which my mom raised me to be) there are denominations that do have serious oversight in all financial transactions. I know my mom’s church has an annual meeting – longest meeting EVER!!!! – where every line item is examined by everyone who is in attendance. Did I mention longest meeting ever? It’s a good thing there are cushions on the seats, that’s all I’m saying.

  9. Connie

    PS Rev Bob – did YOUR mom ever buy it when you gave “But he started it” as an excuse?

  10. Rev Bob


    I understand the bible just fine dude, it is not you who understands it, nor will you ever!

  11. Connie

    Hey, fuck face. I’m a lady!!!!


  12. Connie

    Oops, my bad. Just saw Rev Bob’s last comment was to G

  13. Rev Bob


    I fully understand about the Marines, once a Marine always one.

    To you I may be a traitor, so what are going to do about it huh?

    I will just say Connie, I will pray for your salvation and that you do not end up in a terrible place after you die.

    Jesus said to bless our enemies, so I bless you Connie!

  14. Rev Bob


    Wow, what a foul mouth for a woman, did you learn that from your parents or your husband?

    May I suggest inserting bar of soap, swish, rinse, repeat.

  15. Rev Bob


    I do not need to convert to Judaism to support Israel, all Christians are to support and defend Israel, that is why we are Christian Zionists. We are proud to support and defend the nation of Israel and God’s chosen people! I am Israel Chai!

  16. Connie

    What a foul mouth? Really? That’s what you have? Oooooo I’d better put on my dress and makeup and make sure the Mans isn’t upset with me ////////////

    What am I going to do about the fact you are a traitor? Seriously? We are talking on the internet. I can’t do anything to you just as you can’t do anything to me. You say I might end up in hell when I die? I say I’m in hell now. There are some things worse than death.

    Honestly, I don’t have to do anything to you. You will do it to yourself, thank all the stars, because evil never serves it’s own purpose and you, Rev Bob, are the definition of evil.

    By the way Rev Bob – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Fuck fuck fuck.

    I’m taking the puppies out for last call. I’m done here. ROCLOL (rolling on my chair laughing out loud – I’m too old for the floor)

  17. G

    Rev Bob, where does it say that Christians are support to support and defend Israel? You stated in a prior MRFF article that Israel is a great military power, so why such we support them? As it states in the Bible, Lord helps those who help themselves. Furthermore, you have stated that Israel has never lost a war with God’s help. My question is where was God when the Babylonians send the Jews in exiled and when the Romans conquered Israel and put down revolts by the Jews? Furthermore, it was a touch and go for the Israelis in the Yom Kippur War. If God was on the side of the Israelis, he should have warned them about the Egyptian attack, but I suppose that the Jews did something wrong to displease God, so he punish them for their insolence by making them pay a heavy price in that war.

  18. G

    No, Rev Bob, it is people like you, Pat Robinson and all the evangelists on TV and radio that do not understand the Bible and never will plus are dong everything to scrub the Bible of any word that smack of compassion, progressivism and misquoting the Bible scriptures in order to blame poor people for their own plight.

  19. G

    Rev Bob, military people use foul language even today so take your complaint to them not to Connie and asks them to wash their mouths with soap. Of course, military people particularly high ranking ones feel that the rules of civilized behavior doesn’t apply to them.

    Connie, here is John Oliver about televangelists:

  20. G

    “i am sure my father swatted me when I was young. You may want to call it violence, but back then it was normal for all kids to get swatted when they disobeyed their parents. Spanking creates healthy boundaries for a child to know what is wrong and what is right behavior. In both the Old and New Testaments it says that we are to discipline our children and the Hebrew word there describes a reed like switch or paddle, belt etc. Thus, it is not violence if God approves of it, for physical discipline is to bring about correction in a child’s rebellious ways.”

    Rev Bob, who swatted the adults like CEOs when they get out of line like what happen on Wall Street in 1929, 1987, 1990s (Savings and Loans Scandal), and 2008? If swatting kids was so good, then how come our prisons and jails are so crowded? If physical violence was so good, then we would not even have prisons, jails, and juvenile centers in the first place. Who swats police officer when they step out of line? Seems to be nothing in the Bible about correcting adult’s rebellious ways; otherwise, you would not have problems with adults committing crimes agains society.

  21. Rev Bob


    Here is just one article that quotes Mikey sayin “sucking chest wounds.”

    So, he said it before I did!

    Have you heard these two slogans – “God, Corps, Country” seems even the Marines put God first before the country and Corps. or “Marines never die, they just go to hell and regroup.”

  22. Rev Bob


    Oh yes I forgot, I had another uncle who was a bombardier on B-24’s over in the Pacific during WWII, who pushed that button which released bombs all over Japan! He would also have my back if he were still alive today.

  23. G

    Rev Bob, your uncle would have to be a bombardier on a B-29 to release bombs over Japan since there were never any B-24 raids over Japan. Furthermore, why need your uncle to watch your back, when you have the god on your side?

  24. G

    Rev Bob, if the Marines were true patriots, they would put country before their organization. Without the USA existing in the first place, the Marines would never have existed.

  25. Connie

    No internets today. I share with a boat load of people so they get to have their turn too. I’m on my phone so typos may happen.

    Rev Bob – the article you are getting your panties in a twist about is ten years old. Mikey said:
    “We’ve created this foundation to be a weapon. We’re going to lay down a withering field of fire and leave sucking chest wounds,” he says, glaring through the floor-to-ceiling windows of an Arlington high-rise at a panoramic view of Washington.”

    IIRC Mikey had been playing nice and the military establishment did not (as usual). They continued their evangelical push to make their flavor of faith the one and only. As I label you traitor, he did the same in the article, with Mikey’s flair for being himself. How typical that you take it personally.

    I’ve not heard either slogan for the Marines. The one my husband said all the time was this: “When it absolutely positively HAS to be destroyed overnight: US MARINE CORPS

    I don’t care how many relatives you remember Rev Bob. State belongs on one side, church on the other.

    You never answer the hard questions so I’m throwing this out there just because – If you get your way and the USA government puts church first and commingles with the state, which flavor will be the official okey doke everyone has to follow faith? Yours? Mine?

    The gentlemen who founded the country saw only troubles when making such a huge decision, that’s why they kept state and church apart.

    By the way, you asked where I got my ability to swear like a sailor; you even impugned my parents. I’ve left your family alone. Continue bringing mine into your sick examples I will return the favor.

  26. Rev Bob

    G, Really, read this – Bombing of the Kuril Islands
    Following the Doolittle Raid, the next air attacks on Japan were made against the Kuril Islands in mid-1943. The liberation of Alaska’s Attu Island in May 1943 during the Aleutian Islands Campaign provided the USAAF with bases within range of the Kurils. As part of the preparations for the liberation of Kiska Island in the Aleutians, the Eleventh Air Force conducted a series of raids against the Kurils to suppress the Japanese air units stationed there. The first of these attacks was made against southern Shumshu and northern Paramushiru by eight B-25s on 10 July. The Kurils were attacked again on 18 July by six B-24 Liberator heavy bombers, and the unopposed liberation of Kiska (Operation Cottage) took place on 15 August.[28]

    The Eleventh Air Force and US Navy units continued to make small-scale raids on the Kuril Islands until the closing months of the war. The USAAF attacks were broken off for five months following a raid on 11 September 1943 when nine of the 20 B-24s and B-25s dispatched were lost, but raids by US Navy PBY Catalinas continued. In response to the American attacks, the IJN established the North-East Area Fleet in August 1943, and in November that year Japanese fighter strength in the Kurils and Hokkaidō peaked at 260 aircraft. The Eleventh Air Force resumed its offensive in February 1944 after it had been reinforced with two squadrons of P-38 Lightning escort fighters, and it continued to attack targets in the Kurils until June 1945.[29] While these raids caused little damage, they caused the Japanese to divert large numbers of soldiers to defend their northern islands against a potential United States invasion.[30]

    Also, my uncle said that while returning from a bombing raid they saw a bright flash off in the distance and did not know that was the bombing of Hiroshima until they returned to base. They may have not been employed to do bombing raids over Japan but they did serve in the Pacific bombing Japanese held islands as shown in the recent Angelina Jolie movie “Unbroken” and the life of Louis Zamperini, a B-24 Liberator bombardier which crashed, some 40 days or more on a raft and was taken prisoner and put in a vicious Japanese POW camp.

    My father was part of the ground crew for a Marine fighter squadron on Guadalcanal Island at the beginning of the battle there.

  27. Connie

    Rev Bob – why are you telling us all this history? To prove what? As I see it, your family did their best for the USA and you, their descendent, is throwing it away. Not sure that’s the message you wanted to portray.

  28. Rev Bob

    Let me ask you, in your mind, is their any moral equivalence between the “crime” of putting a bible on a POW/MIA table and murdering 60 million babies in the womb since Roe v Wade was enacted, which by the way was all done on a lie since McCorvey never had an abortion in the first place. 60 million babies is the new Holocaust, what do you think should happen to those who murdered all those human beings??? I say all those women, doctors and nurses should be found guilty of murder and then put to death, unless they repent and plead God for His mercy and grace, which He freely gives.

  29. Connie

    Rev Bob,

    1 – False equivalency as Abortion is LEGAL while placing a holy book (to the exclusion of others) on a military display is ILLEGAL. I used the big letters because I know you have comprehension issues.

    2 – You haven’t answered any of the hard questions anyone has asked of you. No answers for you until you finish your assignments.

    We are waiting.

  30. Connie

    PS – I’m researching your 60 million number. You’d better be ready preacher man because I plan to ‘clean the floor’ with your traitorous self.

  31. Rev Bob

    Just because it may be LEGAL, does not mean it is morally right, which it is not. Murder is murder in God’s eyes whether it is legal or not! I know you may not comprehend that since you are a heathen and blinded by Satan!!

    60 million, okay so I rounded up by 2 million 🙂

    Wow, traitorous self, I will gladly bear the title Traitor for Christ, Infidel for Christ, Jesus Freak, Warrior for Christ, maybe I should have t-shirts made up that say that, oh wait, there already are t-shirts that say that. I really like a t-shirt I saw the other day worn by one of the Benham Brothers which says “Let God Plan Parenthood”, I will buy that t-shirt and wear it proudly in front of the local Planned Parenthood clinics along with the blown up photos of dismembered bloody aborted human babies!!! May God have mercy on those women and doctors and nurses who take part in the murder of human life!

  32. Connie

    All those words Rev Bob and none of them the correct ones. Still waiting.

  33. G

    Rev Bob, when people think of bombing mainlandJapan, they think of B-29 raids not raids on the small islands of Northern Japan.

    “Just because it may be LEGAL, does not mean it is morally right, which it is not. Murder is murder in God’s eyes whether it is legal or not! I know you may not comprehend that since you are a heathen and blinded by Satan!!

    Rev Bob, you need to apply that statement regarding not morally right, but it is legal to the malfeasance committed by wealthy people and corporations since the laws have been written to legalizes their misconduct with regards to polluting God’s Earth and killing the people, or have you forgotten about that?

    You also need to apply your remarks regarding post/911 laws that criminalized police misconduct and brutality in order to fight terrorism plus also criminalizes homeless, and criminalizes political, social, and economic street protests.

    War is legitimate murder because the government is giving you a gun and is telling you to go out and killed someone.

    You want to talk about murder, look at the American press wiping up war against Spain in the late 19th century and whipping up war for Iraq. In addition, the corporations made a “killing” off America’s wars. Shell Oil, the DeBeers Diamond company and the Bush family doing trade deals with Nazi Germany even if it mean killing their own fellow citizens. You had American citizens like the Koch Brothers doing business with Communist Russia even though they hate Communism and did not mind the killings in the Soviet Union as long as they made money.

    Funny how you get so upset about abortion, but people like you don’t care about those babies once they are born, because people like you are not interested in giving those babies free medica/education, good paying jobs, clean living and working conditons.

  34. G

    Connie, people like Rev Bob throw out this World War II stuff regarding their family members; however, seems to forget that many of these World War II veterans were still practicing their racist, sexist, anti-union, anti-labor attitudes for many, many, many years after World War II. Many of these veterans seem to have this attitude that unless their kids, grandkids, and great grand kids go through a Great Depression and/or a war, their children are not entitled fo a good paying job, free/affordable education, affordable/free education, and a better future.

  35. G

    “Murder is murder in God’s eyes whether it is legal or not! I know you may not comprehend that since you are a heathen and blinded by Satan!!”

    Yeah, here are all the murders committed by God:

  36. G

    “Murder is murder in God’s eyes whether it is legal or not! I know you may not comprehend that since you are a heathen and blinded by Satan!!”

    Yeah, Rev Bob, what about all the people murdered in the name of God and the people who did the killings were blinded by God and were considered heathens by the opposing side?

  37. Connie

    Happy Earth Day everyone. My Dad passed (many years ago) on this day so I’m off the internets in honor of him. Hope your day is filled with appreciation of this great planet we all share.

    Rev Bob –

    Your number of ‘dead babies’ due to abortion is highly questionable, especially since you’ve not included all the spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) every woman experiences – all the time. I also question your terminology as a baby is capable of living outside the mother. Until that time we are talking about a fetus – a collection of cells that has the possibility of life.

    Next – what are you willing to do to drive down the number of abortions needed every year? Are you willing to back a program that works? Are you willing to acknowledge the success of a program that saves money?

    OK – now, are you willing to support the use of birth control as it pertains to lowering the number of abortions performed in a year?

    Your answer Rev Bob is important. I’m not going forward with my research until you provide some feedback. I believe I already know your answer. Just need to get some confirmation.

  38. Rev Bob

    The fetus is not just a collection of cells, it is a human being in the process. A baby’s heart starts beating just 18 days after conception, a fetus has two arms, two legs a brain, fingers and toes, sounds like a human being to me.

    I have no problem with birth control, however, I want to totally end abortion all together, and make it a crime punishable by death if need be. Genesis 9:6 – “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.” I believe that the Hebrew word here used for man, means mankind, not just someone who is male.

    And NO a woman does not have a right to choose, what about a man’s right to have the child he help conceive. Our bodies do not belong to us, they belong to God and only He has the right to do with us as He so chooses to do.

  39. Rev Bob. Woman who has abortion should be Punished with death? How? By biblical stoning? That would be murder…..what do you do when the fetus (you say human) is killing the mother. It medically happens where an abortion is a must, even if the mother planned the pregnancy and didn’t want an abortion. I guess both fetus and mother just die for your beliefs? Rape victims? Incest victims? 10 year old girl? (it has happened). Your morals are just that, yours. If your God exists, he’ll decide what to do when that person dies and sits in judgement. Not.Your.Place.To.Judge.

    PS. Angry Atheists attack is a horrible tag line. Mikey isn’t an Atheist, and the complaintants were not Atheist. They were all believers of Seperation of Church and State.

    If a Bible must be forced, how would you feel if it was the version the Episcopalians or Lutherans use? Both allow gay pastors, and recognize gay marriage. Those are just two Christian denominations that do. There are dozens more. Oh, what’s that you say, out of the 250 million US Christians, YOUR denomination, (which percentage wise is a minority) is the ” true ” version. OK. Got it. Not only are all of the world’s 4600 religions wrong, but the dozens of other Christian denominations are wrong too.

    I guess we’re so lucky to have run into you on this website, a 1 in 360 million odd (last census) to receive the ” true” word of God. Maybe that makes you a prophet! Can I have your autograph?

  40. G

    ‘ Genesis 9:6 – “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.”

    Well then, we have to execute most of the human race for shedding blood of man in both wartime and peacetime directly or indirectly in areas like denying medical care, dangerous living and working conditions that cause a high mortality rate.

    “Our bodies do not belong to us, they belong to God and only He has the right to do with us as He so chooses to do.”

    I guess that answers my question about why God takes the lives of babies before, during, and after childbirth. He must be one psych person. What is all this talk about be fruitful and multiply?

  41. Connie

    Well stated jordan ray.

    I look at the people who believe passing a law to make abortion illegal will stop abortions… I have a couple of words for them. Read freaking history. Abortion has been with humanity from the beginning. Legalizing the procedure ensures women have a fighting chance to stay out of poverty, to NOT be forced into carrying their rapist’s or molester’s baby.

    Rev Bob isn’t really upset about all the dead cells. He wants to control the wimminz, plain and simple.

    PS did anyone else know that in many states a rapist can sue a woman they raped and impregnated for child visitation and shared custody but the woman can not sue them for child support? Still think it’s all about the babies? #nomorecoathangers

  42. Rev Bob

    Jordan and Connie,
    The only case where I would justify abortion is if the life of the mother is at risk, not with rape or incest. Why should the child be punished for what happened to the mother. You know, there is this wonderful thing called adoption.

    Just because abortion has been around for centuries does it make it right. The early Canaanites practiced child sacrifice to the god Molech by throwing their child in the fire. Do you know what happened to them? God wiped out all of them for their sin. The demonic spirit that was behind the Canaanites then is still in operation today behind abortion, which is nothing but child sacrifice. Do you think God will do anything less today regarding abortion than what He did to the Canaanites? The blood of 58 million babies cries out today for vindication and God will give it to them.

    Abortion is nothing but an easy out for sexual indiscretions whether to cover up an affair or unwanted pregnancy by teenage girls.

    My youngest step-daughter got pregnant when she was 16, her then boyfriend was pushing her to take the morning after pill, After agonizing over it, she decided to keep the pregnancy, today she has a beautiful 5 year old son who is the joy of her life and she recently got married to a godly man who loves her son like it was his own.

    It is not about the women, it is all about the babies, and if it was as you say that I just want to control the women, then why are the majority of Christian ministries that are fighting hard against abortion today led by women? It is women today who are leading the fight against abortion, not men.

    The one thing that Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates do not want you to know, is the psychological trauma women go through weeks, months or years after having the abortion! ; ;

    More and more Planned Parenthood buildings are shutting down all over the nation and we will not stop until Planned Parenthood is defunded completely!

    Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights and the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, don’t the unborn have the same rights especially to life???

    Have you ever seen photos of aborted babies?? They have arms, legs, little fingers and toes, a head, sure looks like a baby to me. Oh yes how about those babies that are burned to death in the womb by saline, have you seen those photos yet? Maybe you should take a look, and yes those babies do feel pain.

    If abortion is not ended before Christ returns, it certainly will after He returns, and all those affiliated with the abortion industry, doctors, nurses and even the women who had abortions will be slain for the murder of innocent children. Maybe you should read Psalm 139:13-16 and Jeremiah 1:4-5, I am sure you may have a bible laying around some where.

    God is pro-life, even His Word says that!

  43. Connie

    Rev Bob spouts talking
    Points believing they are facts
    Life says otherwise

  44. G

    Connie, society must be really sick when rapists can sue the victims for shared custody and visitations but not the other way around for the victims.

    “Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, don’t the unborn have the same rights especially to life???”

    Rev Bob, why can’t the poor class, working class and lower middle class have the same rights to decent working conditions and good paying job, free education/medicine and a social life like the wealthy people. You are a hypocrite when you say that there will always be poor people plus people like you don’t care about what happens to kids after they are born.

    If God is pro-life, then why does he take the life of babies before, during, and after childbirth?

    After the Newtown (Sandy Hook) shooting, the pictures of the dead children were horrible because their faces and bodies were so smash up by the bullets, that the media did not want to publish them. Maybe we should post pictures of the destroyed bodies of people killed by gunfire and it would make people think twice about using a gun or even purchasing a gun.

  45. Rev Bob

    I am in the middle, middle class and I have a good paying job, health insurance but not fully paid for by my employer.

    Who is going to pay for all this free education, medicine and social life? No one is entitled to a free education or social life!! Go to work G, take out student loans like the rest of us had to, mine are paid off. Let me ask you G, if education were free, then who is going to pay the salaries of the professors, and for the textbooks students need, the electric bill to keep everything up and running on every college campus.

    Sandy Hook, haven’t you heard G, that was a false flag, it never happened and was all staged?!

    As far as guns are concerned, the 2nd amendment gives us the right to own and bear arms.

    Regarding why does God take the lives of babies, before, during and after childbirth. Some things we do not know why and God is not obligated to tell us why. Why did my mom die at the age of 39, medically, she died due to complications she had due to a heartache a week before. I have some possible reasons as why she died so early, for one she smoked a lot, drank much after work and under constant stress, those three things I feel contributed to her heartache.

  46. G

    Second Amendment was created to preserve slavery.

    I don’t see guns protecting us from private and public sector corruption, street gangs, drug cartels, organized crime, ending racism, ending poverty, etc.

    Regarding free medicine/educations, places like Mexico, Western Europe, and Northern Europe pay for all that stuff by having everyone paid for them out of their taxes just like everyone pays for a military out of their taxes. Of course, you say that the military people earn those things. Well my response is 1) without a well-educated, health workforce, you will have a weak military because the recruits can’t pass the medical/educations standards of the military; 2) If there was free medicine/education, many people would not have to join the military to get those items. They would be doing something with their lives instead of destroying other people lives including their own. 3) Since you think that the rest of the society can’t get a free education/medicine, then neither should the military people. It is all for everyone or none for all. 4) If people can’t get free medicine/education, then the military people should pay for their own education/medicine. They need to get a loan and find the time from their deployments to see the doctor and go to school. If they can’t do it, that is tough, since the mission comes first.

    The free college education system work extremely from World War II until the late 70s when you had Reagan coming into office and charging people for it. Studies have shown that for $1 spent in free college education, $7 dollars was put back into society by the graduating college students.

    “Regarding why does God take the lives of babies, before, during and after childbirth. Some things we do not know why and God is not obligated to tell us why”.

    Doesn’t answer your argument that our bodies belong to god and he decides what to do with them. God is like a cat playing with the mouse (the people) before he kills it which it seems that he was doing it to your mother.

  47. G

    “God is not obligated to tell us why.”

    If god is not obligated to tell us anything, that is like a parent telling kids or their fellow human being that they don’t have to provide any kind of rational, logic explanations for their decisions at work and at one and then they wonder their fellow adults don’t want to work with them anymore, or their kids don’t want parents to be a part of their lives since the parents never made them a part of their lives. Can’t blame people for dropping god and religion out of their lives since neither one of them was not much help to them.

  48. G

    “Why did my mom die at the age of 39, medically, she died due to complications she had due to a heartache a week before. I have some possible reasons as why she died so early, for one she smoked a lot, drank much after work and under constant stress, those three things I feel contributed to her heartache.”

    Was its God’s will make your mother suffered because it was his divine plan for her or did she have free will in the matter? Then again, you are full of contradictions considering that fact that in your prior threads in other articles on this website (Yeshua Warrior), you stated that we all must suffer pain on this planet by God before we can get to heaven; yet, you stated that we must take full responsibility for our actions? How can we take responsibility for something we did if God willed us to do those things?

  49. G

    “Go to work G, take out student loans like the rest of us had to,”

    Go to work? Tell that to a lot of people who can’t get hired because they are over 50 years old, have a criminal record, they are underemployed or have been unemployed for awhile and you don’t see wealthy people and corporations creating good paying jobs in this country let alone invest in the country. Go to work? The opportunities for economic upward mobility has been the lowest in this country compare to other countries:

    Get a loan? The number of Pell grants have been declining and people should not have to get loans to pay for an education if they were paid a living wage that gave them the ability to send kids to college. Education needs to be free or least affordable.

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