Such an U-G-L-Y email to you!

Bible out? lampshades in

hey mickey now that you taken the Holy Bible from us we should replace it to the pow mia tables with a lampshade. your kind make good ones.

Dear, dear Mikey,

As you can tell from my last name on my emails, I descend from German great-grandparents (Alsace-Lorraine). They left Germany as soon after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand as they could find a means. Though I never met them, my father told me that they spoke only English for the rest of their lives and joined no German organizations, especially the German-American Bund. Apparently, my great grandfather firmly believed that the Bund was not a social group, but a political one. In 1929, he began warning his friends about the dangers of an odd, angry man named Adolph Hitler. I’m told that by 1933, Opa predicted war and was scoffed at.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m stunned, shocked, and chagrined by what this asshole wrote to you. No Jew should should ever be subjected to such shit! And as a German-American, especially, I feel a need to apologize to you for the above email. The evil, vile comment maker may not be German, but I want you to know that a very, very large majority of Germans around the world never, ever want human flesh made into lampshades again.

Sadly and Very Respectfully Yours,


(name withheld)

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