5/2/16 ACLJ – ACLJ Sends Letter Defending National Day of Prayer in Military from Anti-Christian Zealots

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  1. Rev Bob

    God bless the ACLJ!!

    I was asked today to give the invocation at my daughters public high school graduation ceremony later this month. I think I will end it by saying “In Jesus’ Name.”

  2. Connie

    I’m so happy for you Rev Bob. I’m not sure why you felt the need to brag here.

    OK – yeah I do. You threw in the phrase “public school” thinking it would outrage someone on this site. Yeah – you might get a response to your raw meat, but not from me.

    I know you have no empathy so you do not understand how I could be happy that you get to speak at your daughters graduation. As for all the law breaking you plan on performing – well, I won’t be there. First I don’t know where you are and second, I’m not the only person in the USA who is tired of you theocrats doing your best to ruin our country.

    May you and your daughters graduation day be interesting.

  3. G

    Rev bob, why not say the words “Thanks be to God”?

  4. Fred Weems

    Rev boob,
    I have no respect for you and your evil theocratic ilk. The way you push your silly product is turning off a whole new generation of youngsters who see right thru you. You would do better to end your spiel with “In the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”. Much of your audience will identify Jesus as one of the local hispanic citizens whose name you just ignorantly mispronounced.
    Where ever you are going in the afterlife, I want another option. Any other option. An eternity with the likes of you would truly be a form of perdition.

  5. Rev Bob

    You know what I like the most about my daughters school is that the wall of separation there is so low you can just step over it, they way it should be. 🙂

  6. Connie

    So much like your God
    Rev Bob, vain, insecure, and
    Cruel. Where is Love?

  7. Rev Bob

    Just pointing out a fact about her school which I like, nothing cruel here. Every school should be like this.

  8. Tom O

    Before Rev Bob changed his name from Holy Rebel, he had some things to say about “separation of church and state” in the comments on
    At 12:07PM 4/9 he wrote “Where the laws of men contradict the laws of God found in His Word, then Christians must obey the laws of God no matter what the cost may be, especially when it refers to the separation of church and state.”
    At 1:45PM 4/10, I asked him what those “laws of God” are. His response at 4:45PM 4/10 was several variations of “When man’s laws conflict with the laws or commandments of God, we must obey God rather than man,” without saying what specific “laws of God” those are. His 4:58PM 4/10 post was even less relevant, so at 8:05PM 4/12, I asked him again what those “laws of God” are, and what specific forms of unification of church and state he supports. At 7:10PM 4/13 I reminded him that he still hadn’t answered. Near the end of his 11:58AM 4/14 post, he wrote “Yes I will answer your other questions, I am just formulating my thoughts at this time.” At 8:37PM 4/15 I reminded him again of my 8:05PM 4/12 questions. At 7:53AM 4/16, his last comment on that thread, he answered one of them, but had nothing to say about what those “laws of God” that “refers to the separation of church and state” are. Now that he’s had 3 weeks to “formulate his thoughts,” does Rev Bob have some specific answers about what “laws of God” “refers to the separation of church and state,” or what specific forms of unification of church and state (especially in public schools) he supports?

  9. Tom O

    Wouldn’t we LOVE to see Rev Bob have to sit through a high school graduation like this (fictional) one?
    On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of George W. Bush High School, welcome to the 2016 annual commencement ceremony. We’ve traditionally begun the ceremony with prayers, but the school district’s attorneys have informed us that, thanks to that pesky First Amendment, the prayers must be led by students, and all religions must be treated equally. More students asked to participate than we have time to accommodate, so one person/group representing each major religious tradition was chosen. Their names and prayers they will read and/or lead are:

    Rachel Goldberg will read a prayer from the Torah, in Hebrew.
    Nguyen Duc Thanh, Yong San Park, Yu-ming Wong, and Hiroshi Kawamoto will lead us in a minute of chanting “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.”
    Raj Kumar Patel will read a passage from the Baghavad-Gita asking Krishna’s blessing on everyone here.
    Mohammed Al-Qattab will read a verse from the Koran, then lead us in bowing toward Mecca while proclaiming “Allahu Akbar.”
    Finally, recognizing that America’s religious heritage is predominantly Christian, five of our Classical Languages students (Patrick O’Connor, Maria Mendoza, Gina Luciani, Monique Devereau, and Stanislaus Kowalski) will lead us in reciting The Lord’s Prayer-in Latin.
    Again, on behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of George W. Bush High School, we thank everyone for joining in this celebration of the importance of religion in American life.

  10. Tom O

    Also on the subject of prayer in public schools, here’s another example of Rev Bob’s repeated “Christian persecution” claims that he can’t substantiate.
    In his first comment on
    Rev Bob wrote about “children here in the US who have been told that they cannot pray over their food in their schools cafeteria by a school cafeteria worker or they cannot pray with other students on campus during breaks during the day.”
    On that thread, I asked him 3 times (9:13PM 4/14, 12:21PM 4/15, 7:50PM 4/18) if those children went to court to demand their their religious freedom, and what was the end result. He’s had 17 days to answer, but hasn’t. What does that tell you?

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