6/21/16 MILITARY.COM – Retired Airman May Sue Air Force for Being Booted from Ceremony

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  1. Karen

    This seems like a squicky situation, actually. I’ve read a couple of accounts of it (from non-conservative media; I’m well aware that the right wing is up in arms, but I can’t justify giving them my time). Retirement. Was the military official in charge really right in objecting to a religious speech? I don’t know. I tend to believe that religious freedom was violated, rather than enforced here.

    Mind you, that doesn’t reduce my support for MRFF. I just think you folks got this one wrong. But being 1% wrong is a helluva lot better than my track record! GO MRFF!

  2. Connie

    Hi Karen. Mikey’s Op-Ed at the Daily Kos answers some of the questions you might still have. From my understanding the retiree invited a person already prohibited from the base. Not sure how the retiree can claim the higher moral ground on this situation.

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