AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION – Take Action: Army cancels Christian speaker at atheist’s request

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  1. Rick Morton

    Hypocritical that you claim to represent 1st Amendment rights when you fight so damn hard to suppress them. It’s all good and well you would ensure a fellow atheist would not be coerced to hearing a Christian (or other religion) speaker. It is ludicrous to deny the right of religious soldiers the right to do so if they so choose. Reread the Constitution. It guarantees “freedom OF religion,” not freedom FROM.

  2. Tom O

    What’s the difference between“freedom OF religion” and “freedom FROM religion”?
    Where does the phrase “freedom OF religion” appear in the Constitution?
    MRFF has never tried “to deny the right of religious soldiers the right to” worship any way they want to. MRFF does take action when military commanders try to push religion on soldiers. In this case, the MRFF’s primary complaint was about having as as the speaker at this eveent a self-described “religious fanatic” who’s trying to turn the US military into Crusaders for his twisted violence-loving version of pseudo Christianity. Read
    and then tell us what a great soldier Boykin is.

  3. Connie

    Hi Tom. I’m getting the feeling to these commentators that the hatred Boykin spews is a feature not a bug. They are just hiding behind freedom of religion because the rest of their argument is that ugly.

    Awesome job of supplying information. Hope all is well with you.

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