Can you reference me where the president of your company has intervened with jewish or muslim prayer visuals. Im doing a research paper on your mrff, however you seem to only attack Christians. Is this a misconception or is this a fair assumption.

(name withheld)

Hi xxxxxxx …
I’m Chris Rodda, MRFF’s research director.
The reason that it appears to some that we are “attacking” only Christians is that it is only Christians (and only a specific type of Christians) that we receive complaints about. We just don’t get complaints about people of other religions trying to force their religion on anybody or violating the military’s regulations regarding religion. If we did, we would go after them just as vigorously as we go after the Christians who are doing these things. But, like I said, we just don’t receive any complaints about anybody other than fundamentalist and dominionist Christians, and it might surprise you to know that 96% of MRFF’s clients are Christians themselves — both mainline Protestants and Catholics who aren’t considered to be “real” Christians or Christian enough by the fundamentalist and dominionist Christians.
I can give you an example in which MRFF took the side of a Christian against an atheist. There was an atheist at one military base who had a bumper sticker on their car that denigrated Christians. We were contacted by a Christian who was offended by the atheist’s bumper sticker and felt that it violated military regulations. We agreed with this Christian. The atheist’s bumper sticker did denigrate Christians, and was in violation of military regulations. We successfully acted on the Christian’s behalf to make the atheist have to remove their bumper sticker.
So, it’s not that we specifically target Christians. It’s just that Christians are the only people we get complaints about, with the exception of a rare case like the atheist bumper sticker one described above, and, as I said, in that case we sided with the Christian.
I hope this clears up any misconceptions you might have had about our foundation.




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