Mikey…..One question!

Why are you so AFRAID of GOD and JESUS?

It is OBVIOUS that you ARE!

Truth is…..YOU have a GOOD REASON to be AFRAID!   And…I CERTAINLY would HATE to be in YOUR POSITION!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

No rational person is afraid of some boogeyman figment of your imagination. You can believe whatever childish fantasies you like, and blasphemously project your ugliest emotions onto your imaginary supreme being. Nobody cares what sort of vile deranged insanity you bounce around inside your own head.

We only care that the US government remain 100% neutral and leave people the religious freedom to indulge or reject those fantasies individually, with no government support and no government hindrance for any belief system.


MRFF Advisor

Dear (name withheld),

Please don’t be foolish. You and a few of what I presume to be your this-skinned co-religionists seem to have really gotten up a head of steam about Mikey. Fear not, Stan. Mikey won’t hurt you. He will, however, dash your hopes of subverting the U.S. Constitution and turning this country into a theocracy and its military into Jesus’ Army.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

You see, jerk, you present the problem in a nutshell. The choice, in your little mind, is Jesus’ Army or Satan’s Army. Unlike you, we recognize a different alternative: The U.S. Army. That’s the one that allows its cadre the freedom to be who they are and believe as they choose.

Unlike you, we don’t force anyone to do anything. What we do is require those in authority to obey the laws of our nation and its military regulations, which include prohibiting the promotion of one religious view over others.

Just as sincerely,

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Mike….YOU’RE the JERK!

You, Mikey, and all the rest of you PUNKS….are really trying to take the FREEDOM of RELIGION and RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION from those in the U.S. Military!   And I was IN the U.S. Military….so it IS MY BUSINESS!

Like I said to you before….it’s not GOOD ENOUGH for YOU to believe or NOT TO believe whatever you WANT TO!   But, YOU HAVE TO LIMIT OTHERS so they cannot express their religion beliefs!    And you DO IT…through your little PUNKY ORGANIZATION…which….in its very name… a LIE!     You use the world, “FREEDOM”…..but “FREEDOM” has “ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING
to DO with your PUNK OUTFIT!

And,  I REITERATE what I said to you before>>>>>>>>>   YOU ARE AFRAID OF GOD!   And THAT’S WHY you do what you DO!

If I were in your place….I would be AFRAID OF GOD….TOO!

Very Sincerely,

(name withhheld)

Oh, (name withheld),

I apparently touched a nerve.

Congratulations on having been in the military. That’s true of a lot of us.

To answer your question, no. We do not limit the right of others to express their religious beliefs. Military regulations do that. If you’d bother to read a little instead of calling names and spouting inanities about being afraid of God, you’d understand that the laws of the U.S. and military regulations, in honor of the separation of church and state, require that religious expression in the military be limited by concerns about time, place and manner. That’s because, in protecting the right of everyone to her or his freedom of religious or non-religious choice, the government (in this case the military) cannot be seen to be promoting one faith or religion or belief system over another.

If, though, your hysteria is about Mr. Boykin’s being rescheduled out of an opportunity to spread his “beliefs,” you have but to understand one thing. He is perfectly free to believe what he believes and speak his beliefs whenever and wherever he has the opportunity to do so. But that opportunity should not be as a result of an invitation to speak at a military-sponsored event, because that puts the military in the position of endorsing his views. His views, which are well known, are homophobic, Islamophobic and Christian-supremacist (among others). Those are not consistent with U.S. law and military regulations and should not be presented at a military-sponsored event.

So you see, this has nothing to do with fear of God. If your belief system is in agreement with Mr. Boykin’s and you’re angry that he isn’t being allowed to spread his poison with the endorsement of the U.S. military, that’s a shame. And if the God you think we fear is a God that endorses Mr. Boykin’s bigotry, it’s not a God I’m familiar with, nor is it one I’d have any respect for. But fearing it is the last thing that comes to my mind.

Below is an attachment you probably won’t enjoy, but it may clear things up for you.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)










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