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After reading you website I am ashamed that anybody would even indulge your ignorant view of religious freedom. You state 40,000 military members have utilized your service. Easy to claim that with no evidence to support it. You claim Ft Riley soldiers were weeping due to an upcoming speaker, shameful indeed you should be embarrassed.

If you considered responding to me don’t waste your time I would not read it if I was paid to.

(name withheld)

The only ones that are embarrassing are the whining Christians that couldn’t get the Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBT, Commander-in-Chief basher, Dominionist Christian and believer that our military is Christian and all of our wars are holy wars, to speak at a Prayer Breakfast. 
And, we don’t really care what you think about us.
Get over yourself.
“If you considered responding to me don’t waste your time I would not read it if I was paid to.”
Pastor Joan
MRFF Advisory Board Member

Good Day, (name withheld) –

Thanks for taking the time to write to the MRFF and share your concerns.  You say that you are not open to a response to your email, but I’d like to share one anyway because your email suggests a poor understanding of both the mission of the MRFF and the sensitivities surrounding religious freedom in our military. As for who I am? I’m a lifelong, committed Christian, USAF Academy graduate (’85), and veteran USAF officer.
You don’t offer any specifics as to what it is about our views that are “ignorant”, but you should know that the MRFF is not anti-religion. Rather, we are a pro-Constitution advocacy group dedicated to ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom to which they and all Americans are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. You should also know that a great majority of MRFF supporters (and of course, all of our clients) are either current or former military members. So if you are suggesting that we somehow don’t understand the issues at hand, you are grossly mistaken.
We understand very well the importance of protecting the religious freedom of ALL military members, both Christian and non-Christian, believer and non-believer. Given the unique nature of life within a strict military hierarchy, that means that special care must be taken to ensure that all manner of belief (including non-belief) are treated equally. No particular sectarian religious group is entitled to preferential treatment or promotion… and every military leader must take care to ensure that he does not allow his position or the color of his authority as a platform to promote or favor his personal beliefs.
That is all that we are about, no more and no less. Hope this perspective helps.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter




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