Colorado Springs Incident

As a self described atheist, I read your comments about the open bible situation in Colorado Springs and I kindly ask you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!  You are making the rest of us that don’t care look bad

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter Marshalldoc

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey asked if I would take a moment to reply to your comment.  I’m doing so under a pseudonym for reasons you’ll understand shortly.

I was struck by a couple of aspects in your comment.  As a committed atheist (not ‘self-described; whatever that means) and member of American Atheists, Inc., I found your description of being a ‘self-described’ atheist odd.  I mean, you either are an atheist or you’re not and if you have to specify ‘self-described’ one wonders how others would describe you.  The other aspect I found ‘off-key’ was your evident, and self-contradictory, statement that you don’t care about religious freedom (which is an issue every atheist I’m acquainted with cares deeply about) but yet you evidently care enough to fire off an insulting letter to someone doing something which you are afraid will make ‘…us look bad’… who’s us?  Most atheists I know, and their national organizations, support Mikey & MRFF’s goals, one wonders who the ‘us’ you include yourself among are.

After some thought I decided that you’re probably not an atheist at all and that you’re actually a Christian fundamentalist troll masquerading as an atheist to promote your Christianist agenda under a ‘false flag’.  If so, for shame!!  Bearing false witness is a sin according to the Judaeo-Christian sacred text.  The fact that I suspect you’re a troll is why I’m writing under a pseudonym… I don’t need folks like you knowing my real address.

Now as to the bible issue:  While you cower in fear of offending the likes of Todd Starnes & cashiered Gen. Jerry Boykin, at the cost of allowing them & those like them in the military to dominate their subordinates. violate their Constitutional rights, and force their beliefs on those who have no viable recourse other than Mikey & MRFF (other than risk charges of insubordination or even mutiny) folks like Mikey & MRFF supporters find the kind of ‘cowardice under fire’ you evidently advocate morally unacceptable, regardless of how that make us look in the eyes of folks like you who are concerned about not ‘looking bad’ in the eyes of…. well, whomever.

So my advice to you ‘self-described atheist’ Steve, is that you grow a pair and engage.





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