New Air Force Flag-Folding Rules Strangle Constitution (Military Times 9/13)

Dear Mikey,

Absofuckinglutely a great article!

But, seriously, WTF is wrong with the Air Force? If a general officer is conducting a retirement ceremony in full uniform and the élite Honor Guard is handling the flag-folding, also in full uniform — and taxpayers are paying the bills — how absolutely dense do the people who write the regulations have to be not to catch on that this activity is OFFICIAL?!?!

Where are the JAGs in this clusterf**k?

Who decides what goes into the regulations? I’d like to pull a Khazr Kahn on them. I’ll send them pocket-sized U.S. Constitutions (like the ones Mr. Kahn gives out) so that they can study them. I’ll also include copies of Joan Slish’s “A History of the First Amendment.” I pirated that information from a reply she gave to a first-class, belligerent a**hole in the MRFF inbox.

I know that you’re a Jew, and I’m an anti-Dominionist mainline Christian (so we’d both fit into the revised USAF regulation), but I don’t want either of our religions to rule our SECULAR nation — to the inevitable exclusion of all others.

One last question:

Do you think that this change in the policy on the flag-folding ceremony will eventually create situations that require MRFF intervention (like “voluntary” attendance that obviously isn’t)? I’m kind of snarky, so I hope so.

I hold both you and Bonnie in very high esteem, and I admire the work that everyone at the Foundation does.

Very Respectfully Yours,

(name withheld)







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