Re: West Point- to Mr Weinstein– please forward

Dear Mr. Weinstein—let me join in the chorus of outrage about your actions against the Army Football team—my response is simple- it is none of your damn business what goes on in the Army football locker room.  Butt out- 
But since the issue of religion has been engaged, as it now happens, you have now forced your religion-which I gather is NONE atheism- on the Corps and the football team- so tell me why you, and those like you,  have not violated the ‘church-state’ clause?  The absence of .religion. is a religion.   And now no ‘religion’ is the prescribed and accepted religion.   
But I am sorry you were offended- but you are a big boy now so get over it and mind your own damn business. 
(name withheld)

…actually, sport, we have NINETY USMA folks who were greatly offended…not just me……(not that the numbers even matter Constitutionally)……40 USMA faculty and staff, 44 USMA grads and 6 members of the football team…..Gen. Caslen handled it all perfectly and we commend him….perhaps YOU can put on your big boy pants and saunter onward now….??…..BEAT NAVY!!….Mikey Weinstein

 Response from MRFF Special Assistant to the President,   Director of US Army Affairs, Blake Page
Dear (name withheld),
Thank you for writing us with your concerns.  Don’t worry, we’re certainly not offended and have heard them all before.
The first point of contention that you’ve brought up is the tired line that we should just “butt out” and ignore our clients’ requests for assistance.  As it is our sole mission to respond to requests for advocacy by members of military organizations, we can’t do that.  If you’d like to oppose what we do, you might find collusive ideas with an organization like ISIS, which aspires to have religiously inspired governments fight holy wars with one another and oppress their citizenry.  
To your second point, secularism is not a religion by any definition.  Secularism means specifically not having anything to do with religion.  The loss of special privileges, while painful to many Christian Nationalists or theocrats, is not subordination.  It is equalization.  These three statements should clear things up for you:
We won because of a god! = Establishment of religion (unacceptable if made by a representative of any government organization in the execution of their duties thanks to the first amendment)
We won as a team! = Secular (religiously neutral and acceptable under our laws, does not establish or infringe on religion)
We won because there is no god! = Impedes religion (unacceptable if made by a representative of any government organization in the execution of their duties thanks to the first amendment)
The absence of religion is not a religion in the same way a bowling league is not a non-stamp collecting, non-horse riding, non-cycling, non-political, non- whatever else you’d like, organization.  Not participating in something is not a positive affirmation of any belief. If I haven’t made the point clear enough yet, I recommend that you research Lemon v. Kurtzman and read about the SCOTUS’ ruling.    
There is very real danger in the iniquitous form of government that is theocracy.  Our country fights such governments, and factions, regularly.  If you want holy war, the first step is to build a holy regime.  That lesson has been learned over thousands of years of senseless death.  Our country was founded as a secular republic, E Pluribus Unum, for good cause.     
I truly don’t mind that you are offended by the first amendment of our Constitution.  Get over it, or steep in anger.  It’s entirely up to you.
Blake A Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of US Army Affairs
p.s.:  watch this

Mr. Page—thank you for your reply- most enlightening.  God Bless–
“Line 6”
(name withheld)

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