Thank You MRFF

Dear Mikey and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation,

This message is to thank you once again for promptly addressing an issue which took place recently at Fort Sam Houston.

After a civilian instructor at the post’s Casualty Notification Officer / Casualty Assistance Officer Course described a person he had worked thusly:

“She was a nonbeliever, but she was a really good person. She was such a good person that you would have thought she was a devout Christian.”

The obvious implication being that nonbelievers are not as inherently good as Christians. On top of that, he made the statement to a captive audience of students in his class.

I felt completely comfortable contacting the MRFF with this problem, because I knew that it would be handled quickly and that my anonymity would be maintained.

I have engaged with people on social media who have made statements that contacting the MRFF goes against the idea of handling all issues at the lowest level, something we’ve been trained to do in the military. My counter to that argument is that the MRFF has the ability to engage the chain of command at the level appropriate given the circumstances. Also, The military obviously understands the need for people to maintain anonymity and confidentiality in certain circumstances as evidenced by Chaplains, Inspector Generals, Unit Victim Advocates, and others whose offers of such protection encourages people to come forward to improve their organization without fear of retaliation.

That is why I’m proud to be a client of the MRFF. You allow us to continue to improve our organizations without fear of retaliation.

Please keep doing what you’re doing.


(name withheld)












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