November 16, 2016 – MRFF Assistance Leads to Immediate Apology from Client’s Superior Officer Engaging In Sectarian Religious Intimidation

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A MRFF client at a U.S. Army installation was called into his commander’s office and was ordered to be in charge of this year’s ‘Christmas Party’.  Knowing that the MRFF client was of the Jewish faith, the commander’s order included the demand that the theme of this party was to be “Putting the Christ Back Into Christmas”.  The commander went on to explain his order was based on the desire of the Army to “Make Christmas Great Again” (in obvious and pointed reference to a clearly partisan political figure).  

After speaking with his senior NCO and several others in his unit (including 10 [all Christian] who joined him as MRFF clients), this client was referred to the MRFF representative located at the same military installation.  The MRFF representative got the client in direct contact with MRFF Founder/President Mikey Weinstein who was able to get an immediate response from the superior officer to the client’s commander.  The MRFF client responded via email:

My commander is being called into his commander’s office to be officially counseled and possibly reprimanded. He is being told to apologize personally to me and our whole (U.S. Army unit name withheld). He has been ordered to ensure that our party will be a “Holiday Party” that will not be only about Jesus and Christmas. It will be one where all of our troops will feel welcome even if they don’t celebrate Christmas like my wife and me because we are Jewish.

Late this afternoon, our commander met with us and made the apology and announcement about the “Holiday Party”. He didn’t look real happy and I don’t know if I’m still in charge of this party now? Guess I’ll found out soon. 

Mr. Weinstein assured me and the other 10 soldiers that if there is any attempt at the slightest reprisal by our commander to let him know. He has already talked to our commander’s boss, (U.S. Army name, rank and title withheld), and has been told to be on the lookout and that none of this revenge stuff will be accepted.

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