President Trump Eliminates MRFF ACLU and SPLC

Mr. Michael Weinstein,
Our church has it on good authority that President Donald Trump will immediately order the dismantling of your anti-Christian collection of leftist queers at the MRFF in his first week on the job.
Also President Trump will do the same with you fellow red commies at the ACLU and the SPLC. Faggots all. Lovers of the Satan Allah too.
Shortly thereafter you and the others will be prosecuted for treason against our nation under God and our Lord who is the Son of God.
Some of you will get life in prison.
But not you Michael Weinstein.
You are the leader of the rebellion against Christ’s armies.
You will face a firing squad of the righteous. Bullets vs. your head. Bullets win.
Thereafter your soul will be immediately consigned to hell to burn for all times.

Repent and renounce your evilness and surrender to Jesus The Christ.
You have no other hope.

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell


Dear Non-existent Church,

Your message, based on the technological ability of our server to select out certain words and characteristics, was routed to the idiot file for further determination as to whether it should be brought to the attention of mental health services or the FBI. Given the level of insanity picked up  in your message up by our screening capabilities it was initially determined that it should be submitted to our mental health team, however the fact that the message also included direct threats to an individual required it be sent to the FBI. It was, therefore, forwarded to both. You should expect to hear from representatives of each.

In addition, because your mention of an association of this effort with President-elect Trump, we have also forwarded a copy to the Trump Transition Team’s Derogation, Denial and Position-Reversing Squad in the event they want to ponder the possibilities of further action.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)







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