UPDATE: 1/23/17 – MRFF Accuses Lt. Gen. Kwast of Violating AFI 1-1

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Email response from USAF Major Wayne E. Eikenberry:

Date: January 23, 2017 at 1:23:37 PM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein
Cc: 42 ABW/IGQ Complaint Resolution
Subject: Status of your complaint


I just wanted to follow up with you on your recent complaint sent to the 42
ABW IG office on Thursday the 19th, 2017. In accordance with AFI 90-301
Table 4.1 rule 1, I transferred your case to SAF/IGS (They manage the Senior
Official Complaints Program) as I don’t have the authority to investigate or
to do an analysis of your complaint against a General Officer. If you have
any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Thank you,


Inspector General, 42d Air Base Wing
Maxwell AFB, AL (AETC)
Comm: xxx.xxx.xxxx / DSN:  xxx.xxxx

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  1. G

    Gee, what if the general makes the wrong decision that cost people’s lives? Is he going to blame God or saying that it was God’s will or maybe the general will say that heI was interfering in God’s divine plan or God was testing me?

  2. jimbo

    his god murders 25,000 children a day by failing to intercede while they starve. His god advocates converting all, which leads to the lying and hating and murder we see daily by these same people, as they fight the Islamist whose god advocates the very same thing, world war without end. We must leave this world to extend humanity, to keep us safe from extinction of many sources, we will never create the unity to accomplish that feat unless we begin to understand the dangers of those whose belief in these non-existent supernatural beings puts their gods before the needs of humanity.

  3. G

    His god states in the Bible that the poor will be with us; however, his followers do everything they can to criminalizes the poor and ensure that they will not be seen on the streets plus allowing 8 people to own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity. His god also allows the Walton family (owners of Wal Mart) to own the same wealth as the 44% poorest half of the USA.

  4. Joshua Rownd

    This request will go no further, with a third party claim, the IG only has to reply that they have received it and nothing else. They do not have to reply back to Mr. Weinstein what they have concluded.

  5. Joshua Rownd


    Would it be safe to say that you are not happy that Planned Parenthood international just took a big hit by being defunded as well as a federal funding for foreign abortions has just been cut off? I call this a victory for all unborn babies!

  6. G

    Yeah Mr. Rowd and is society going to help those babies with a good education, good free healthcare, good schools, good paying jobs, good social net structure, good retirement system once they leave the womb?

    The IG will have to respond to the MRFF whether it is a third party claim or not.

  7. Joshua Rownd

    Mr, G,

    No, the IG does not have to respond to Mikey in a third party claim, check it out for yourself.

  8. Tom O

    Like most theocrats, Joshua Rownd apparently believes that the right to life begins at conception and ends at birth.

  9. Joshua Rownd

    Tom O,
    The right to life does begin at conception. Jeremiah 1:5 says that “before I formed you in your mothers womb, I knew you, and before you were even born I consecrated you and appointed you a prophet to the nations.” God was speaking this about the prophet Jeremiah before he was ever conceived. God knew what each of our names would be, whom we would marry, what jobs we would have, etc, before our parents even wanted to have children.
    The right to life begins at conception and ends when you die!

  10. G

    Yeah, JR and a very short life for babies who die at still birth, seconds after they were born, minutes after they were born, hours after they were born, days after they were born or months after they were born. Not much of a right to life.

  11. G

    No, the IG does not have to respond to Mikey in a third party claim, check it out for yourself.”

    27 AUGUST 2015
    Special Management
    RESOLUTION Third-party complainants are not entitled to a response regarding the substance of alleged wrongs not directly affecting them. Third-party complainants are only entitled to have receipt of their complaint acknowledged.

    So yes the Air Force dones have to send a response to Mr. Weinstein

  12. David Bennett

    This nation is founded on the trust of God.
    This nation’s military should not hide it’s faith from God, but let it shine like the Sun!
    The blood of our warriors is the cement which holds and bonds our constitution!
    Our Nation’s constitution is the foundation blocks which this country stands on!
    Our warriors spilled blood holds the foundation of this nation with strength of granite!
    This is Christian blood from our warriors, yet our warriors can’t say God’s name aloud!
    That is an abomination to our God in Heaven, our Creator…!
    “Those” in our US military will pay unmercifully for silencing our Christian warriors!
    God has no mercy for those who deny him…! Mark these words well…!

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