2/8/17 – MRFF Covered by Air Force Times: Despite complaints, ACC will not remove posters that assert faith’s importance

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  1. G

    It is amazing that those two statements are part of an AF Manual since manuals are guides or instruction books when it comes to operating a machine, proper use of a military weapon, maintaining a plane, repairing a machine, etc. Since when is a manual is use to teach religion let alone talk about it? Isn’t that what the Koran, Torah, and the Bible are for?

    I think that the MRFF needs to force the Air Force to get rid of AF Manual 50-21.

  2. Ken

    Finally the military doesn’t get bullied by assholes like Miley Weinstein and his bullshit organization, MRFF.

  3. Gunther

    Sorry Ken, those two statements should not have been part of a military manual in the first place since manuals are created to help people do their jobs properly.

  4. Joshua Rownd

    Finally, the Air Force tells Mikey where he could put his complaint. Bravo!

  5. Ken

    To G….You referenced in your comments AFMAN 50-21. There is no such manual.

  6. Christopher Parrish

    This can not be allowed to stand! Please sue Mikey!!

  7. G

    No Ken, it states very clearly at the bottom of both statements that they came from ARMAN 50-21, with the date of August 1955. Or are you saying that the Air Force created that manual off the top of its head in order to provide a legal document in order to legalize those statements? If so, then the Air Force created the AFMAN 50-21 document under false pretenses; therefore, the manual should be removed and those photos need to be taken down.

  8. Tom O

    The AF ACC brass claim that these posters are displayed primarily for their historical value. MRFF should test that by asking the ACC commander to add a sign clarifying that the posters are “historical documents” illustrating how different the AF was in 1955, and including the following:
    the specific percentage of AF personnel who were women in 1955, and an explanation that the posters suggest that the AF felt that only its male members were important to its mission;
    how the Cold War mentality was used to make Americans feel that lack of religious faith was equivalent to insufficient patriotic opposition to the evil godless communists;
    and an explanation that the posters illustrate how today’s AF is so much more committed to gender equality and the freedom to follow ANY religion, or no religion, than it was in 1955.
    Imagine how the sexists/theocrats will have to tie themselves into rhetorical knots to explain why they don’t want such a sign placed near those posters (or ANYWHERE.)

  9. Connie

    Mikey challenges
    Foes of the Constitution
    Winning for Us All

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