Trump and you wife

Yo Mickey. Your a goddamn disgrace to America.
I hope you get fucked by the greatness of Trump even harder than my posse and me will be fucking your wife tonight.
She begged us.
We’ll send you the sex tape.
jews can’t satisfy Christian women. Any better than they can serve as loyal soldiers.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Joan Slish

Yo (name withheld),


Are your fingers as small as your idol Trump?


You do know that men that rape can’t get it willingly from women because their manhood is lacking?


Has a woman ever laughed when they saw it?


It seems that you need a posse to get done what you will fail at. I don’t think you can satisfy any woman. LOL


Ramjetpleasure! Hysterical!


I’m signing off because I can’t stop laughing at your braggadocios email.


Joan Slish

MRFF Advisory Board Member

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member John Compere

Dear (name withheld)

As a retired & disabled military veteran who was born, raised & educated an American Christian, I know & appreciate that Christianity is just a branch off of the ancient tree of Judaism, Jesus & his disciples were Jewish, the biblical authors were Jewish, & there would be no Christianity without the Jewish faith, culture & people. Christianity taught me that God created all human beings equal & it was very good (Genesis 1:27&31). Christianity also taught me that the 2nd greatest Commandment is to love our neighbor (Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27).
It is a sad commentary on our humanity when someone like you spews filthy hatred against fellow human beings. It reflects on only yourself & no one else.
John Compere
MRFF Advisory Board Member
There is no argument in the world that carries the hatred that a religious belief one does.” – MARK


 Response from MRFF Supporter

Calling this asshole a “pig” does a great disservice to the species!  And, doubt if he’s aware of the plethora of great American Jewish Generals and Admirals!

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Hi   (name withheld),

You disgust me, just as I’m sure you disgust anyone who comes within

smelling distance of you.

Ivan is the perfect name for one who stinks as terribly as you do. That’s a

slightly twisted historical allusion which I don’t expect you to get, but the
twisted part might cause a faint echo of recognition back in the reptilian
recesses of what passes for a mind around you and your posse.

May the ‘greatness of Trump’ elevate you to his level of understanding. I’m

assuming the fake address you use is self-identifying: the 5 represents your IQ, the

star your inability to think of another number, and the 326 your waistline.

Tell your posse I send the bird.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Supporter

Now this one pisses me off, Mikey, on a level that’s very difficult to contain, as I recognize who this puffed up animal, crudely reactionary, and brainlessly sick Neanderthal actually is.
 The likes of this one uses a hide behind the scenes email name and address, yet houses not one fraction of manhood within his limp and wasted container.
  He is recognizable to the astute masses who have had to endure either time spent regrettable in his presence or, by the emotional vomit he so willingly sends out into the ether of this universe.  Unfortunately his stench will remain for a short period of time as we scrub away, cleansing any reminiscent memory of this one. . .”

 In cultures that are viewed in their declining stages history has shown us warnings signs, as one key being the total breakdown civility, hence, here is a prime example!
 I would imagine this one when physically encountered in a room would manifest a palpable inner rage, inability to communicate in a healthy adult manner, consumed with irrational thoughts he is unable to control, or identify.  Another tragically wasted human vessel for which the road to wholeness is un-assessable to him!  
  Yes, I know “this one” far too well and when I encounter their likes the hairs on the back of my neck trigger danger.  But danger does not equate with fear, and is not a traveling companion, only the pathetic understanding that they are the “dead” walking among us.
   I can offer so little, Mikey, to you and Bonnie in regards to such garbage sent your way, other than to once again state that you both are true and lasting inspirations to such a fractured and broken world. I love you both dearly.

     Sister Ours








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