6/30/17 – Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow’s anti-Mikey/MRFF FACEBOOK post

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Aww does poor Mikey feel picked on, well now he knows how we feel. As they say what goes around comes around. Jay Sekulow is awesome and he is also Jewish as well.

  2. G

    Sorry JR, Mr. Weinstein knows what it is like being picked on since his days at the Academy.

    “……he is also Jewish as well.”

    What does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

  3. Connie

    Mr Sekulow lies about the mission of the MRFF, sends his four million followers out to ‘set things right’ and JR says that’s ok because he’s been persecuted too????

    JR – only persecution you’ve experienced here is being called out for your continual lies and inability to share. Such a hard life for you, innit? It’s not like you’ve been threatened with death for being who you are.

    Oh wait, that’s what YOU did, not the other side you love to demonize. Thus far no one here has made the same threat/joke so where exactly have you been persecuted? Please provide examples to show your work.

    By the way, Mr Sekulow is under investigation for funneling nonprofit charity monies into accounts which directly benefited Mr Sekulow and his family. Nice role model you chose to admire JR.

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