MRFF/Mikey’s Statement Regarding Federal Judge Blocking Trump’s “Trans Ban”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation supports District Court Judge for the District of Columbia, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly’s honorable decision to issue a preliminary order blocking Trump’s Unconstitutional military “Trans-Ban:”  

“The Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the U.S. Coast Guard, shall . . . maintain the currently effective policy regarding accession of transgender individuals into military service beyond January 1, 2018, until such time as the Secretary of Defense, after consulting with the Secretary of Homeland Security, provides a recommendation to the contrary that I find convincing . . . .”

While this fight is far from over, I am tremendously encouraged by the fact that others in the government are resisting the horrific decisions made by our blatantly bigoted, impulsive, loudmouth, and idiotic “Caligula in Chief” bully.

MRFF and millions of freedom loving Americans are standing up and resisting tyranny. I have no doubt the battle is an uphill one, but we will persevere. MRFF presently represents over 52,500 sailors, soldiers, marines, and airmen in their brutal civil rights fight against fundamentalist Christian religious extremism and oppression in America’s military.  Nearly 1,000 of MRFF’s clients are LGBTQ, of whom 12 are transgender armed forces members on active duty, in the reserves, in the national guard, or are veterans.

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1 Comment

  1. .

    Remember – The problem that The President and voters have concerning the Trans Gendered Military people was { Only } that they wanted to have the Pro Choice Right – to obtain sex change operations at the tax payer expense.

    The Operations are costly and there is in many cases a lifetime supply of needed medication, chemical hormones and testosterones, estrogens needed for a lifetime throughout the Trans Sexual Persons sexual adventures and desired pleasures.

    And the decision made by the Trans Person – is all depending on if the Trans Gendered person is feeling sensual { sexy today } Sensual this way Or Attractive that way. Or , more shots of chemical hormones and testosterones, estrogens are needed to get the person satisfied in their sexual adventures and experiences.

    A personal feeling or desired sexual modification at that particular season, in whatever field of operations the Trans happens to be in wherever they happen to be stationed.

    I am overseas, I need more hair here. Or I am stationed in France, I have to have a smaller chest. Or I am back in the USA and I need to increase the size of my package.

    The Fact is that, their desired sensuality method of arousing others by modifications of their sexual and reproductive organs. Breasts, Pubic Organs and so forth enlisted and present there is not the Tax Payers Choice.

    Just as the topic of Abortions, Birth Control, Condoms and having misbegotten children out of the Pro Choice Crowds demands that tax payers Pay for their Sexual Adventures.

    It is not my responsibility to pay for the sexual adventures of others. If the Transgendered or Non Trans person wants to have sex. { and sex is very expensive }

    They can save their money, wait for 5 -15 years buy themselves condoms, birth control, abortions or have a larger package placed or breast removal or a female part placed or whatever they wish to do.

    In no way shape or form are the Trans Gendered peoples of Civilian or Military to be disrespected, They are Americans and deserve respect, honor and rights like all Americans.

    My unique perspective and assessment of these Facts are simply looking at the whole situation, stepping back and seeing what is happening.

    People are not responsible to pay from their own hard-earned money, for the sexual adventures and pleasures of others.

    There are cases of birth defects and there are Trans Gendered people who truly have been born with a body that needs some medical attention and I would be happy to participate in helping these Trans Gendered. They are special needs and deserve the help. But I see a political movement of people taking advantage of others in expecting others to financially support their sexual adventures and pleasures at no limits and no self-control.

    Many transgendered people cannot be fixed without a lifetime of continual surgeries and chemical modifications. This is a sexy, sensual, self-desire to make themselves presentable and attractive. This has nothing to do with the military.

    And when the military does perform the operations – The Taxpayer will be responsible for paying the bills for the Transgendered treatments for their entire lifetime of sexuality and sexual stimulation and pleasures that are sought.

    The Trans Gendered Military Personnel , whomever they happen to feel inclined to transform themselves for in order to attract sexual affection from, admiration and or stimulation is not the taxpayer’s responsibility.

    Outside of the military, Donald Trump and the American people want to help and lift up and make the lives better for the Transgendered People who were born with genetic reproductive deformities that make their lives a hardship.

    But without the surgery and lifetime of medial analysis and chemical treatment and continually going back over the years and performing Re operations to sustain the sexuality, sensuality, and sexy desired outcome of natural norm status of the person.

    The Cases of Transgendered people being operated on by the US Military will forever be pulling at the purse strings of the American People.

    the Question is – Do Transgendered People and whatever CREATES a Transgendered person – Do They want to bear a child into the world that will carry on the same genetic deformities or worse deformities that require much more medical costs to satisfy the sexual expectations of the child when it reaches maturity.

    Should people be more focused on what drugs, what sexual behaviors, what lifestyles are causing this deformity to occur. And Broadcast the FACTS – instead of ripping money out of Americans Bank Accounts to gratify the sexual wants, needs and quivers of people who are born with sexual inadequacies and feelings of sexual imperfection.

    I say, lets locate the exact source and reason of the ORIGIN of the problem. Dealing with – what drugs, chemical, sexual practices, exposures to what and who. { Parents }

    what combinations of those things are causing the transgendered community – and do people who know the outcome of their behaviors and continue to create children with transgendered deformities want to be – themselves – responsible for paying the bills of the seeds they have sown – after they have knowledge that things like marijuana, cocaine or other chemicals and drugs and risky mixed seeded sexual behavior – Directly is contributing to the birthing of children who are not normal and need thousands upon thousands of dollars to satisfy their sexual needs and longings to feel sexy and attractive to their other fellow human.

    1. Were people exploiting and raiding the people in the Military who had reproductive deformities under the Obama Administration or before the Obama administration ?

    2. Is the problem much worse than I thought and what can we do to help those who are already TRULLY facing these true deformities. Where Can I Donate Funds to help true victims.

    and 3. How can I help spread the word, so that others can know more about the facts of the situation as I learn more about it from You.

    This is what I know. And my opinion of the situation – based on what I know so far.

    Is there more to learn. Please educate me and I will spread the word.

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