Patheos’ “Friendly Atheist” COVERS MRFF – “Why Does This Military Official’s Business Card Have “John 3:16″ on the Back?”

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  1. A.L. Hern

    If Kroshus is so hot to proselytize everyone, everywhere, perhaps he ought to forget this military stuff and make it his full-time calling. Oh, yeah, I forgot: the whole reason people like him do this is to trade on the imprimatur of the Armed Forces AND the resources of the American taxpayer in his missionary work, which suggests that, deep down, self-appointed prophets like Kroshus fear that the product he’s peddling isn’t quite attractive enough when judged on its own merits. In any case, beyond the clear violation of 1st Amendment guarentees of Separation between church and state, AND violation of Navy Instructions, Kroshus is guilty of theft, plain and simple.

    Kroshus really should become a missionary, if for no other reason that he then could print up a business card reads: “Have Bible, Will Travel.”

  2. Leslie E. Hunter

    Right on Al Hern. So tired of Christian egos pushing the word of who? I don’t happen to believe in who. Or you. And I don’t want my tax dollars to fund you or who. Check out the constitution. Sounds like missionary work to me though I distain that too.

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