BREAKING – U.S. Senator Cites Mikey/MRFF By Name While Questioning Mike Pompeo In Live Capitol Hill Nomination Hearing!

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*Mikey/MRFF mentioned at 2:10.


*Read transcript of above video*

SEN. SHAHEEN: In response to Senator Rubio, you talked about the importance of defending human rights as Secretary of State, and certainly as Secretary of State you would be this country’s top diplomat recognizing America’s values in support of diversity and inclusion, and yet, during your tenure in Congress you’ve made statements that have been described as anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT rights. So, how would you, as Secretary of State, reconcile those positions and statements that you’ve taken in Congress with the need to represent America’s values and defend human rights?

POMPEO: Senator, I appreciate the question. Look at my record. Not just these past fifteen months. There were the same questions when I was to be confirmed as the CIA Director. As the CIA Director I have honored and valued every single CIA officer, regardless of race, color – you pick it – gender, sexual orientation. I’ve treated every one of our officers with dignity and respect. I’ve promoted them when they deserve it. I’ve held them accountable when they deserve that as well. I promise you that I’ll do that as the Secretary of State.

SEN. SHAHEEN: And I appreciate those sentiments. And I appreciated your comments in your testimonies saying that you would support the State Department’s workforce, that it be as diverse in every sense of the word – race, religion, background, and more. And yet you were criticized at the CVIA for undermining policies of the previous administration to improve diversity at the CIA.

POMPEO: Ma’am, I don’t know the criticism that you’re referring to. I have to tell you that I didn’t undermine a single policy. We’ve emphasized it; we’ve talked about it; we’ve worked on it. I think – I’m proud of the work I did to continue to develop and increase the capacity of the CIA to deliver a diverse workforce to meet the challenges – the intelligence challenges in that case around the world.

SEN. SHAHEEN: Well, I would just say, Michael Weinstein, who is a former Air Force officer who founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, says that he has been seeing increasing complaints from those inside the intelligence community under your leadership. So, I think there have been a number of concerns raised.

POMPEO: Ma’am, ma’am, if I might -†


POMPEO: The number of – we call them ‘no fear complaints’ – the statutory requirement – decreased from 2016 to 2017 by 40 percent.


POMPEO: And I’m proud of that. It’s not enough. Whatever the final tally was was too many. But I’m proud of the record – not just – I don’t want to take full credit for that. The work that my team has done on this I’m incredibly proud of. I supported their efforts and I will do it the same – I will be it [sic] the same way if I’m confirmed as the Secretary of State.


MRFF’s response to Pompeo’s above attempt to dismiss MRFF’s contention.

By: Mikey Weinstein | MRFF
Date: April 12, 2018

Pompeo smugly retorts that the CIA has had 40% less “no fear complaints” over the past year.

Pompeo’s response is not “good.” While at face value, Pompeo’s flaunting of a decrease in “no fear complaints” might seem promising, MRFF asserts a decrease in complaints represents something much more sinister.

The Trump regime is SCARY for minorities. Muslims and transgender servicemembers, – MRFF clients- are SCARED to follow through issuing complaints through the official channels. There are repercussions for those lacking the “right” religious beliefs.

The idea of there being “No Fear Complaints” is hilariously naive. A deer doesn’t “complain” to a mountain lion.

A decrease in the percentage of “complaints” doesn’t mean less bigotry. It could just as well mean MORE bigotry…bigotry endorsed by those in power.

MRFF is separate from the Government, we keep the Government in check and uphold the Constitution.

People facing religious discrimination in the Department of Defense and associated intelligence agencies come to MRFF because they have “faith” in our ability to defend their civil rights. Since the Trump administration took power, MRFF has seen a drastic increase in complaints. Hmmm.. Food for thought..

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  1. Calif Anon April 12, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Nobody really cares what this senator has to say regarding Mikey and MRFF in passing. Pompeo is not anti-Muslim, but he is anti radical Islam and knows the threat that it has for our country which comes from the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR, both which have ties to Hamas in Israel which has called for the complete annihilation of all Jews!

    I would like to know when Mikey will call out those Imams here in the United States that call for the killing of Jews and saying that they are the offspring of monkeys and apes???


  2. G April 12, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    Calif Anon. I worry more about American Christians trying to destroy American society and the rest of the world.

  3. Calif Anon April 13, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    Mr. G,
    American Christians will not destroy America nor the rest of the world, I would be more concerned about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood who look on all of us as infidels and who have no problem taking off our heads or killing just killing us.

  4. Grey One talks sass April 14, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    Calif Anon,

    I pay attention to the increase in attacks (SPLC Hate Watch) against marginalized populations here in the USA. I’d have to say Christian extremists are already doing their best to destroy our country. Funny how you focus your attention on make-believe tales guaranteed to make you hide under your bible.

  5. goSUPPORTHEUSA April 20, 2018 at 11:00 am

    There is no need for anyone to hide underneath a Bible or even a Quran here in The USA.

    America is a free Country where people of all Faiths, All seXual orientation, All Races, and Religions are free to eXpress their voice. But we have the fact that The Bible and The Quran both call for the killing of homoseXuals and declares that these people are evil.

    There is simply no getting around this. This can not be changed in the NT. or the OT – this was the way that the manuscripts were written, the historical values of the prophets and authors of the two religions. And today we see the values and purpose for the anti homoseXual nature of the Bible and it is the risky seXual behavior that causes the highest rate of sickness per group. The gays are not allowed to donate blood, organs or transplant tissues unless they have stopped having gay seX.

    There are many, many marginalized populations here in the USA who not value the values of the majority population which is White / European Judeo – Christian values of the Bible.

    All of these other different groups are allowed to speak their voice but the Judeo Christians Republicans are the most tolerant in respecting race and allowing other religions and – MOST ALL of the marginalized populations come from locations and places where their race, religion, and governments do not allow others to speak their voice.

    1. What is the message of these marginalized populations ?

    2. Can they win a debate and an argument for the lifestyle and faiths and claims of their recent origins if they wish to represent the view of their recent origins ?

    3. How is this the fault of the rest of America, if marginalized populations have views, lifestyles, and faiths that are not American, Biblical, Christian, European values ?

    There is no need to feel bad because marginalized populations come to America and try to bring with them the Anti-American ideology with them. That is why they are here in America – because America does not accept the views, ideas, lifestyles, and faiths of the marginalized populations.

    We reject their governments, faiths, lifestyles, practices, and ideologies and many of them are against the United States law.

  6. Calif Anon April 21, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Gays are evil because homosexuality is a perversion. God never designed the anus to be a sexual organ, he designed it specifically for crap to come out, now if homosexuals want to have feces in their penis go right ahead, but if they contract any disease from it including AIDS, then that is their penalty for such sin and perversion.

  7. G April 24, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    Calif Anon

    White Christians are destroying the USA and the rest of the world when you look at all the economic recessions and depressions they have created plus polluting the land, air, and water on a systematic basis and all the white collar, corporate crime they have been doing.for the last 38 years. Those white American Christians bankers told the US government either to bail them out or they will let the economy crash and burn even though they were the ones that cause the mess in the first place.

  8. Calif Anon April 24, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    Sounds like you have been eating too many Tide pods and snorting too many condoms lately. So, it sounds like you are pretty racist here, white this and white that. Let me guess, you are not white? I think people in general have been polluting land, air, and water, it is not just white Christians that are on planet earth. Let’s include, black, yellow and red people who do those same things.

  9. G April 25, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    Why would anyone eat Tide pods and snorting condom? You are the one who is racist even against people like Mickey who is white.

    Wrong, it the white people particularly those in the USA who have been leading the way for polluting the land, air, and water for the last 38 years when you look at how the USA pull out of the Kyoto Protocol, suppress the report about global climate, rolling back EPA laws, switching the water system of Flint, Michigan, which cause all those kids to become sick for the rest of their life, fighting the Indians in Ecuador for polluting their lands, etc.

  10. goSUPPORTHEUSA September 1, 2018 at 4:24 pm


    Please consider the fact that America is involved and living in a reality of – a world that has gone through the middle ages wars – also many, many other wars involving the Catholic Crusades, The Islamic conquests, and two world wars. !

    We have new wars nearly every single decade.

    We were forced to catch up our INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIONS in order to catch up with Germany, Italy, and Japan in their united military and economic attempts to destroy our allies and murder billions of people.

    We have to stay ahead – we have to pollute and continue to stay ahead of our modern enemies in the Middle East. We have to stay ahead of everyone.

    If we fall behind and stop polluting, stop pumping chemicals into the air and stop our economic productions and stop military and power structuring and allow our global enemies to overpower and obtain the ability to manipulate or overpower the USA.

    The outcome would be much, much worse than having an environment that is a little dirty. Remember – we had to catch up with Germany, Italy, and Japan.

    Remember we have to stay ahead of China and Russia – They give their best weapons and technology to our enemies in the Middle East who would destroy us if they even though there was just even a chance.

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