What’s up dickbag. Sorry you took to many cocks up the ass during your time in the Air Force maybe next time you should join a real branch. I see your whole family for the last 3 generations have served between the Air Force and the Navy what kind of fags are y’all? Well go back to sucking your bags of dicks you silly cock boy and keep your head down never know when someone’s coming for you bitch.

(name withheld)

Response by MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Hi (name withheld),


Your pathetic message to Mikey is a sad reminder of how many incredibly stupid and terrified people there are out there.

We’ve heard from your type before, the kind of sad little dweebs who are so threatened about their own lack of manhood they

beat their breasts and declare their homophobia in the most juvenile terms possible. You bring to mind Shakespeare’s admonition about protesting too much.


We’ve dealt with your kind before, pal, and sadly will probably have to again. But in the off-chance you meant the threat about “someone’s coming for you,” do me a favor, will you? Stop and see me first.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


re: I see your whole family for the last 3 generations have served between the Air Force and the Navy what kind of fags are y’all?

Does he mean fags such as the Navy Hospital Corpsmen assigned to Marine Corps infantry platoons; or does he mean the Navy SEAL fags who took out Osama bin-Laden; or maybe he means the Air Force PJ fags who make HALO jumps from 20,000 feet; or could it be the fag pilots who fly the infantry grunt’s good friend, the A-10 Wart Hog?

I’m confused about exactly which fags he means.

The American military dragon is quite large and it has very sharp teeth. There is nothing to do but respect and admire the men and women who make up those teeth. But here’s the thing: Teeth make up about 15 percent of the dragon. The other 85 percent, presumably, are fags.

You know, the fags who feed everybody; the fags who make sure everyone gets paid; the fags who process leave papers so you can go home and hug Mom; the fags who make sure the tanks and Bradleys and Black Hawks and Hueys all work properly. Without the fags, the dragon’s teeth surely would rot and fall out.

So many fags, so little time.

(name withheld)










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