Stars and Stripes – “Colonel had religious right to refuse to sign same-sex spouse appreciation letter, Air Force says”

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1 Comment

  1. Marshalldoc

    As Mikey rightly points out, what these tunnel-visioned domionist zealots fail to realize, in their zeal to turn the military into the tip of the ‘Great Commission’s’ spear, is that it cuts both ways. Allowing ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’ to be the sine qua non of one’s behavior legitimizes it as an excuse for the assertion of anyone’s personal bigotry:

    “I’m an adherent of the Church of Jesus Christ – Christian, and it is my sincerely held religious belief that all people of color are subhuman mudpeople, that Jews are the offspring of Eve & Satan and cursed by god, and that white Euro-Christians are the ‘chosen people’ so it is my protected right to discriminate against them and abuse them as I choose.”

    What don’t those espousing such idiocy understand about ‘what goes around, comes around’?

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