you suck mickey joosteen

From: [email address withheld]
Subject: you suck mickey joosteen
Date: April 18, 2018
To: Mikey Weinstein
you should have the bible of Jesus shoved up you jooish asshole inch by inch by Navy SEALs
leave the POW-MIA tables alone mickey whiningsteen
no one wants your jooish nose in the Lords business anyway
(why are all your noses so big anyway? its true and hitler has the pix to prove it)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Dear, (name withheld)

We get a lot of mail from people with questions about the mission of the MRFF and we get a number of expressions of concern from people who don’t understand the U.S. Constitution. We try, when we get them, to reply in a way that helps people understand how important it is to support the rights we are blessed to be able to enjoy as Americans.

Unfortunately, we periodically get ugly and hateful mail from brainless, bigoted twits like you, who demean the name of Jesus by pretending to be Christians in order to somehow justify their lonely, hate-filled lives. Ignorance, Joe, is understandable and can be cured by education. Stupidity, on the other hand, when exhibited in the manner you’ve chosen, appears to be genetic and is probably a life-long deficit. Cowardice, while quite often the primary characteristic of bullies and bigots, is another quality you and your ilk demonstrate with regularity.

It’s a shame. And I’m sure it not only embarrasses real Christians, but is likely the causative factor in a phrase my uncle used to use: “Jesus wept.”

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. watchtower

    I think you may have been dropped a few times as a baby. Grow up dude, you should be ashamed of that mouth.

  2. Convivencia

    Dear name withheld,
    Jesus Christ, bibles, assholes,Navy Seals and POW-MIA tables are incompatible terms. Your reference to sexual assault leads me to believe that this was/is a personal experience that you had or are having. You need professional psychiatric sessions.

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