The Jeffress incident

On Jun 26, 2018, at 11:06 AM, John Minck


I applaud your intrepid interventions on zealots like Jeffress and

their Christian/Sharia Law intentions.

I decided to write to Starnes, not that he will ever see my letter.


John Minck


Mr. Todd Starnes, host

Fox News Network, LLC

1211 Avenue of the Americas  15th Floor

New York, NY 10036


Dear Mr. Starnes:


I am a member of BOTH the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRFF).


So I think I know the difference. I myself consider myself an atheist, although technically I am a Deist. I believe as Founding Father Thomas Paine did, in a cosmic God, one I can see in the universe. I am definitively NOT a Christian.


I decry your characterization of the MRFF as an atheist organization, starting with the fact that the founder is professed Jewish. His clear mission is to assure that our government and especially the military is NOT promoting ANY religion. It puzzles me why commentators like you somehow seem to think that our Constitution encourages such outrages as the Jeffress megachurch in Dallas to use DOD logos in their bible-based bigotry events?


Your cheerleading of religious zealots like Jeffress brings to mind another religious INTRUSION into government, and that is SHARIA LAW, which I’m inferring is anathema to your principles?


I doubt you will take my advice, to read Thomas Paine’s book, The Age of Reason. It is a well-reasoned deconstruction of the Bible, and was written in 1794. To make it easier, I’ll include a book report I wrote on it.


Meantime, let’s get back to the Fox slogan, Fair and Balanced. MRFF is virtually ALL Christian clients. But you already know that.




John Minck







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