9/18/18 – 21 Active Duty U.S. Army Soldiers Thank MRFF

From: Active Duty U.S. Army Soldier’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Mandatory Army Bible Study Stopped at Fort (Name Withheld)
Date: September 18, 2018
To: Mikey Weinstein

Military Religious Freedom Foundation Staff

We who are the soldiers of the (military unit and various military sub-units withheld) at Fort (U.S. Army installation name withheld) would like to thank you for the good material on your website about how military supervisors can’t force their junior ranking soldiers to attend bible studies during duty hours. And also thank you Mr. Mikey Weinstein for the guidance over the phone about how to stop this.

Our (sub-unit supervisor’s rank and title withheld) told us at the (name of regularly scheduled briefing withheld) that our (unit name withheld) Commander was holding a “morale-building bible study” each morning going forward at 0930 hours in the (unit assembly room name withheld). We were further told that not participating to “at least give it a try and support the Boss” was not an option. To make it worse we were told the that (military unit name withheld) Chaplin was also supporting this. And most of us are already Christians too. But all of us were pissed by this order to go to the bible study during duty hours at our place of duty.

We got together with one of the MRFF reps here at Fort (name withheld) who helped us review all of the stuff we needed on the MRFF website. Especially some of the videos showing the many other violations of the constitution at other installations. So many everywhere. She also gave us Mr. Weinstein’s contact info and we called him.

Mikey Weinstein told us how and what to say to our chain of command even before the first (unit name withheld) Commander’s bible study. And it worked! In fact our (higher unit name withheld) Commander called our (unit name withheld) Commander into a meeting and ordered him to cease any further “morale-building” bible studies or any other bible studies during duty hours in our duty stations. He told the same thing to our (sub-unit supervisor’s name and rank withheld) and totally jacked them both up for forcing us to attend. (Don’t know if he also spoke to the Chaplin?) Many of us thought we’d get screwed for standing up and Mr. Weinstein said not to worry because the MRFF would handle it.

It has been (number withheld) days now and nothing bad yet has happened to any of us who asked for MRFF’s help to protest this mandatory duty hour bible study.

Without the help of the MRFF we would never have know what to do.

Thank you all at the MRFF for helping us to know what to do. Anymore of this happens and we will call you right away.


21 U.S. Army soldiers of the (military unit and various military sub-units withheld) at Fort (U.S. Army installation name withheld)

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