9/18/18 – Soldiers Uphold Their Constitutional Rights Against Forced ‘Bible Study’ with MRFF’s Assistance

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September 18, 2018

Soldiers Uphold Their Constitutional Rights Against Forced ‘Bible Study’ with MRFF’s Assistance

21 active duty U.S. Army soldiers contacted the MRFF representative at their installation after being told that their unit Commander was holding a ‘morale-building bible study’ each morning at 0930 in the unit’s assembly room.  Additionally, these mostly Christian soldiers were told that “not participating was not an option”.  These soldiers were also informed by their sub-unit supervisor that this order to attend an on duty ‘bible study’ was fully supported by the unit’s Chaplain.

The MRFF representative at the installation assisted the soldiers in finding applicable information on how to handle this situation on the MRFF website and how to contact MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein for additional assistance.  Mikey advised these soldiers on how to properly and respectfully approach their chain of command prior to the initial ‘bible study’.  Many of the soldiers expressed their fear in approaching their chain of command.  However, Mikey assured these soldiers that MRFF would assist them in their effort to stand up for their constitutionally protected rights.  As a result of their actions with MRFF’s backing, one of the MRFF clients detailed the results in an email:


Mikey Weinstein told us how and what to say to our chain of command even before the first (unit name withheld) Commander’s bible study. And it worked! In fact our (higher unit name withheld) Commander called our (unit name withheld) Commander into a meeting and ordered him to cease any further “morale-building” bible studies or any other bible studies during duty hours in our duty stations. He told the same thing to our (sub-unit supervisor’s name and rank withheld) and totally jacked them both up for forcing us to attend. (Don’t know if he also spoke to the Chaplin [sic]?) Many of us thought we’d get screwed for standing up and Mr. Weinstein said not to worry because the MRFF would handle it.

It has been (number withheld) days now and nothing bad yet has happened to any of us who asked for MRFF’s help to protest this mandatory duty hour bible study.  Without the help of the MRFF we would never have know [sic] what to do. Thank you all at the MRFF for helping us to know what to do. Anymore of this happens and we will call you right away.

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