Hate Mail

From: (name withheld)

Date: September 10, 2018 at 2:06:32 PM MDT


You people are not about religious freedom. You are about censoring Christians in the military. You will lose, you are fascist hate mongers. Your probably Muslim terrorists. You will rot in Hell. The usaf guy your complaining to Gen. Mattis about had a constitutional right to talk about his faith. Gen. MATTIS WILL LAUGH AT YOU WHILE LIGHTING HIS CIGAR WITH YOUR COMPLAINT!!! give up you can’t stop God….. Trying makes you fools!! 
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Sep 10, 2018, at 3:01 PM, Mike wrote:




Your first six assertions are quite wrong, the fifth being grammatically incorrect as well as wrong. We agree, however, that the “usaf guy” (Brigadier General Teichert, in case you’ve forgotten) has “a constitutional right to talk about his faith.” He can do that in private, he can do it in church, he just can’t push it out to his troops the way he does, because that violates the rights of his troops. It also violates the law and military regulations. But you seem to be ignorant of the relevant facts as you spew out your angry nonsense.


No one here is trying to stop God. What we’re doing is stopping people like you and the general you can’t name from shoving your version of the “right way” to believe down the throats of others. Because, as you said, “Trying makes you fools” as well as wrong.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member John Compere
On Sep 10, 2018, at 6:51 PM, John Compere  wrote:

It is obvious from your diabolical diatribe that you are uniformed regarding the US Constitution, US Supreme Court rulings & US Armed Forces regulations. The Constitution prohibits our government or its representatives (which includes the military) from promoting or endorsing a religion. The US Supreme Court has continuously confirmed this prohibition as the law of our land. US Armed Forces regulations also prohibit the military (except the military chaplaincy) from promoting or endorsing a religion.
The military mission is to defend our nation against its enemies – not promote or endorse a religion. The sworn military service oath is to bear true faith & allegiance to the US Constitution – not to a religion. Military chapels are available for those who choose to worship & military chaplains are available for those who seek spiritual support. Military persons wanting to publicly preach & proselytize their private religious beliefs on others may request a transfer to the chaplain corps or leave the military to become civilian clergy. No military persons (except military chaplains) may use their office, position or rank to impose their private religious beliefs on fellow military members. This is the law as well as mandatory military policy. No military person of any religious belief is above the law, including general officers who should be setting an example of respect & obdeiance for law & regulations – not disrespecting & violating them.
Be assured the 57,000+ patriotic military men & women (96% are Christians) who have complained & requested their right to freedom of religion to which all Americans are entitled under the Constitution, 400+ MRFF dedicated staff, advisors & volunteers (80% are Christians) & generous financial contributors (many are Christians) do not consider themselves to be “fools”. That category is already filled by those who irrationally rant & rave about MRFF representation of their fellow Americans (& mostly their fellow Christians) who have requested our assistance.
It has been our experience those who resort to hateful name-calling do so because they cannot address a subject in any mature or meaningful manner. Willful ignorance is difficult to dissuade when contaminated with apathy, acrimony & arrogance. It only reflects on yourself.
Most Sincerely,
Brigadier General John Compere, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army (Retired)
Former Chief Judge, US Army Court of Military Review
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam)
MRFF Advisory Board Member


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